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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Repeat of Sami and EJ and their proclivity for violence.

Gabi - Why would I spend even a minute thinking about Nick? Will - I know Gabi. I know what happened. Cue flashback of the rock incident. Will - I also know it's not your fault.

Kate to Rafe - You think I feel guilty?

Sami says no but that doesn't deter EJ; he just keeps on taking what he wants. Sami finally pushes away from him and tells him to stop it. It's not going to work; not this time.

Abby comes into the living room and sees her mom with the decorations. Alright! It's about time we made this house look like Christmas. Is everything alright Mom? Jen - Yeah. I'm just not sure where JJ is. We should wait until he gets here.

JJ looks at Theresa's phone. It has a video of him smoking pot. Theresa - So much for he said / she said. Looks like she's got the goods on you.

Will - You must be freaked out. Gabi - Of course I am. Will - I get it. I understand. Gabi - How can you understand if I can't even explain ... Will - You don't have to explain anything. It was Nick. You didn't have any choice in the matter. Gabi - I didn't. I can't believe you're being so good about this. I've been carrying this around for so long and I feel like it's been about to explode and I just didn't know how to ... Will - It's okay. I'm so sorry. I wish you would have just told me. Gabi - I didn't know how. I didn't think that you were going to believe me or anyone ... Will - I despise the guy. I've had a bad feeling about him for weeks. Of course I believe you. Gabi - He pushed and pushed and I really didn't know how to stop. I've had really bad nightmares. Will - It's okay. It's all good now. He can't bother you anymore, can he? Gabi - You're right. Will - Good riddance! Stay in New York is what I say.

JJ - What is wrong with you! Theresa - Nothing. I am not in any way, shape or form wrong. JJ - You faked having no memory of that night. Theresa - It got me out of jail, thank you. I got to stay here in Salem. It's basic survival 101. The fact that it made your mom crazy; well that's just a bonus. JJ - Like hell, I'm blowing the whistle. Theresa - No you're not. You saw that video. I've got you kid and your memory of that night is about to get a lot worse than mine.

Segment 2: Abby tells Jen that she ran into Hope on her way home. She told me what happened when Shane and Kimberly came home to deal with Theresa. Is it true, did they really say they would turn Theresa in if you didn't sign off on her staying in Salem. Jen - More or less. Abby - You had an opportunity to get rid of Theresa Donovan for good and you didn't take it ... why?

Theresa - She has nothing to do with my life yet somehow my parents decided that she should decide my fate. You know your mother is so smug. She looked at me like I was lint on her shirt. She has no idea who I am and she has no rights ... JJ - Hold on, back up. My Mom didn't send you to California. She gave you a break. Theresa - It wasn't hers to give. OMG, don't you get that! Do you have any idea how hard it was to grovel to her. I swear there was this moment where I thought screw it, I'd rather rot in prison than let that bitch sit over me in judgement ... JJ - Don't call her a bitch. Theresa - If she has to suffer because of Dr. Dan so be it. She has to walk in on me and Daniel together ... her head will explode.

Rafe - You told me you felt guilty about this. In fact you said you were the reason that Stefano found out about it. Kate - No I said that I felt responsible for what happened to you in the hospital. Jordan sees Kayla at the nurse's station and goes to her. Rafe - Oh, okay, responsible then. Let it go. I'm going to be okay. I'm getting the hell out of this hospital. I remember when you broke things off with me. You said you felt things were getting a bit too serious; you felt stifled. I'm sure that me being in here wasn't a relief from that. You got what you wanted okay. You're free and I'm sure your business needs you. Kate - Just so you know I managed all my work commitments. Rafe - Of course, I'm sure you did. Think of all the time you could have spent with Arianna when you were here wasting time with me. Kate - Wow, I never thought of it as a waste of time being here. Rafe - If I was a distraction before, this must have been way worse. You're an independent woman; you need that. You're free now.

Gabi - New York? Will - Yeah. That's the real reason you decided not to go; not my mom's big pitch. Gabi - The real reason? Will - Yeah, of course. You found out Nick was going to be in New York too. I mean, that's a fate worse than death, right?

EJ - Tell me what is going on? Sami - There's nothing going on? EJ points his finger in her face - Stop avoiding the question. Something is going on. Sami - I don't want to tell you what it is okay, so deal. EJ mutters then says Stop ... Sami - Are you upset? Is it unfair? Is it unbearable that I don't want to share something with you? How did that happen do you think? EJ - We can't go back there as if it could have been different. There is nothing that I could have done that would have changed what happened in that church. Sami - You hid something huge from me and you are still hiding something from me and I have to stand here and take it! I just move on? EJ - I'm not hiding anything. I'm right here. Sami - Angry at me for keeping one little thing from you. EJ - I don't know what it is but I guarantee you it's not one thing and it's not little. God knows what you've done but I can't protect you unless you tell me. Sami - I don't need you to protect me! I don't need you to stand here and act like you don't ... EJ - You don't need me, is that what you're saying. You don't need me. Sami - That's not what I said. EJ pouts - Really, because you kicked me out of your bedroom.

Segment 3: Sami snaps - That is what you are angry about! The sex! You're not getting any. EJ - That's not what I said. Sami - Well EJ, let's just do it right now so we can get you satisfied. EJ - That's the way you're going to go with this, is it? Sami - Yeah. There's parts of this room we haven't christened yet. We can start with the piano. You can throw me across the keyboard. EJ - Would you shut up you insufferable little brat. Sami starts unbuttoning her blouse. That's the way you like it. That's what gets you hot ... is when you're angry with me. EJ - No sweetheart, that would be you. Her blouse goes flying past his head. What are you doing? For pity sakes Samantha ... Sami - Let's just do it right now. EJ grabs her hands to stop her from disrobing further. Stop. Enough. You are embarrassing yourself. Sami - Why? I don't understand. One minute ago you wanted to have sex with me against the wall and now because I'm being honest with you ... yada, yada, yada. I just want to do what you want. I just want to be a good little ... EJ - Good little what? What do you want to me be? My lover? My fiancée? What? Sami - I am the woman who knows you best EJ. I am the one who calls you on your bull. EJ - That's you not answering my question, that's what that is. Sami - I know that you are just angry at me because I am busting you and you can't get it in gear without admitting I'm right. EJ goes in for the kiss and she slaps him. NO! No way in hell!

Gabi - I'm sorry I didn't say anything earlier. Will - Why didn't you? Gabi - I was embarrassed. Will - Embarrassed! It wasn't anything that you did. You broke up with him. He shouldn't have been following you to New York. Gabi - That wasn't all of it. He was the one that set up the whole thing. Will - Set up what? Gabi - He was the one that set up the meeting with Sparkle Agency. He pitched me as a model. He said that my story ... I mean he basically orchestrated the whole offer. Will - Wow. Gabi - When I found out I just ... Will - What? You bailed obviously. Gabi - No, I knew I wasn't going to move to New York after I spoke to Sami. But when I found out I ... Will - You confronted him? Gabi - Yeah, I had to. He had this whole fantasy that he and I would get together. I tried to make him understand that that was never going to happen but he just kind of went nuts. I was trying to calm him down but he was so angry. Will - It's a good thing I wasn't there because I don't know what I would have done. Let's just hope that he never shows his face here again. Gabi - I don't think he will.

Rafe - Hold on, I'm just saying that when you broke it off before you said we hadn't been friends before but we are now ... so we still are, aren't we. We're cool. Kate - Of course we are. Rafe - I'm just checking ... if I don't hear from you it's because now you're taking care of all things you couldn't because you were taking care of me ... I shouldn't be offended personally. Kate - No. We're fine. Kayla knocks on his door. Sorry. She goes to Rafe. So you're on the move tomorrow afternoon. Rafe can't wait. Kayla - I bet. I know that Jordan has spoken with you and you know that we've reassigned her and that your PT sessions will now be with Pete Clark if you're okay with that. Rafe - That's perfect. Kate - I'm going to get going. I know you two have things you need to talk about. Rafe - This will just take a minute. Kate - No, really, it's fine. We're done. Kate sees Jordan get on the elevator.

Jen - I didn't want to push Shane and Kimberly. They had to make a decision that they could live with. Abby - Isn't that like basically saying it's okay for her to stay. Jen - If she went to California she would be put in jail and despite all the problems she caused, I really don't want to be responsible for that. Abby - But Theresa got herself in trouble. Jen - But she couldn't get herself out of it in jail and believe me, she said all the right things about changing. Abby - Seriously Mom, you believed that? Jen - I really don't care because if Theresa wants to get in trouble again she can set her sights on someone else and leave my family alone.

JJ - I'm out of here. Theresa - Not so fast. JJ - If I stay here one more minute I will hurl. Theresa - Then listen closely and we'll get this done quicker. She holds her cell phone. Do you know what this is JJ? This is all the cards, all the cards and I've got them. So if you want me to stay quiet you're going to have to pay. JJ - You're blackmailing me. Theresa - First I'm going to need you to get me some primo weed. JJ - I can't do that. Theresa - Are you afraid I won't be able to pay? JJ - That's not the problem. Theresa - Because you're right, I won't, you will. Figure it out. JJ - You OD'd Theresa. If you want to die, jump off a bridge, it's much easier. Theresa - I'm not going to be dying anytime soon but if you go all rebel on me, if you don't do what I tell you to do, it's your life you're going to have to worry about, not mine.

Segment 4: Will - So how do you feel right now; kind of like you dodged a bullet. Gabi - Definitely. Will - We all are really glad that you're staying. Gabi - Me too. Will - And I think you should reconsider modelling. Gabi - No. Will - Why Not? It will be great. I saw you guys at the pub all huddling ... Gabi - That wasn't about modelling. Will - Then what was it about? Gabi - Just girl stuff; a secret. Gabi - I could use some air. Will offers to put Ari in the stroller. Gabi would like to go alone. I just want to clear my head from all this Nick stuff. I should be back before she wakes up. Thank you.

Theresa - And my other request. I need you to keep track of your Mom and Dr. Dan just in case. JJ - They're both miserable and alone thanks to you. Theresa - No, thanks to you. You're the reason Dan's gone all martyr on us. And look at you, the guy I thought was immune to guilt trips ... whoa! It really sucks right. The good doctor even after all the crap you put him through hanging himself on a cross to keep you out of prison. Normally I wouldn't feed your guilt but wow ... right, I'm ... JJ goes to the door. Theresa - Did I say we were done. JJ - I did. I'm not doing any of this. Theresa - Yes you are. You will.

Gabi sits on the park bench near the gates to the square. She falls to the ground when she sees Nick walking towards her.

EJ - Why are you doing this; you want to torture me? Sami - I'm torturing you? He screams - That is exactly what you're doing. Sami - You are the one that put this in motion. EJ - I am the one who put up with all of your dithering for a year when you couldn't decide where you wanted to be. I'm the man who came to you with nothing but love and only for you. I'm the man who asked you to marry me; who moved heaven and earth for you. Who threw away everything that he had so you wouldn't have to spend the rest of your life in prison. And all you've done since then is move away. Sami - That is not true. I want us to be together. If only ... EJ - If only what? If things were different? Guess what, I'd like things to be different too but life happened. You know what the difference is between me and you, I didn't blink. Sami - That is so unfair. EJ starts throwing their past in her face. Sami - This is my fault? It's okay for you to lie to me about Kristen and Eric because ... EJ throws something across the room and screams another lie to her at the top of his lungs - I did not lie. I will get that tattooed across my forehead. I found out one hour before that wedding that they slept together. One hour. Kristen regretted it. I'm sure your brother regretted it. I chose not to ruin everybody's lives. If I'd known that a video existed and it was going to played in that church, you don't think I would have stopped it. Sami - What are you still hiding from me! Tell me right now. Did you know that Kristen drugged Eric? Do you know where she is now? What are you hiding from me! EJ - There is nothing I can say to you that will satisfy you. Sami - Because you are still lying! EJ - If that's what you think why are you still here? Sami - You want me to go? EJ - I don't want any of this but if you don't love me you get out.

Segment 5: Gabi cowers in the shrubbery as Nick reaches for her. T - Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Gabi throws her arms around him. I'm so glad that it's you.

Sonny returns home and kisses Will. He asks where the ladies are. Will - Ari is getting her beauty sleep and Gabi allegedly went out to get some air. Something's going on. I found her at the pub with Mom and Kate and they were all huddled together. Sonny - Okay, that's wrong. Will - When I went up to talk to them they just clammed up and when I leave, they just start laughing. Sonny - So you think it's about you. Will - Then I got to thinking. I know. So you don't have to keep up the charade anymore. Sonny - You think I'm involved? Will - Probably not, they know you'd spill. Sonny - Spill what? Will - I think they're planning a surprise party for me.

Kate confronts Jordan in the square. Good job. You really worked that perfectly. Jordan - I have no clue what you're talking about. Kate - Well you laid the groundwork, you built the trust and then you bided your time, you even worked some angles; now it's your moment. Do you think you've pulled it off 'cause you should think again.

Sami - I can't believe that you just said that to me. I can't believe that you think that. EJ - What else am I supposed to think? Every day I watch you move further away from me inch by inch. You can barely stand to spend 5 minutes in the same room with me. Sami says that's not true. EJ - If you have the children with you, yes, otherwise no. Sami - Stop it. EJ - No, I'm calling you on your bull. You're doing everything you can not to speak to me; not to give us a second chance. So why are you staying? Sami - Is that really what you think? Do you really have no idea ... EJ - All I see is somebody who can barely tolerate to be in the same room as me. Sami - I hate what you did, not you. It's not hard to be with you because I don't love you EJ, it's hard to be in the same room with you because I love you so much.

Jen returns to the living room and sees Abby holding her Dad's angel wing. Chad sent it back to you. Abby - Yes he did. I'm not surprised. He knew how much it mattered to me. Did you know it was taken from a cherub in a Raphael painting? Jen - No, how did you find that out? Abby - EJ knew. He told me. Jen - Well I promise you that is the one fine culture fact that that man knows. Abby - I don't know Mom. I think it would be pretty random that he knew just that one fact. Jen - Did JJ say anything to you about being at school late. Abby - No, but I don't think he's out there causing trouble. Jen - That's not really what I'm worried about. Your brother is definitely in a different place. He's serious. You should have seen him earlier. He felt compelled to just tell me all the terrible things he did to me and Daniel. He really wants to fix things however he can.

JJ - There's no way I'm letting you mess with me or my Mom. Theresa - What are you going to do? JJ - I'll tell them you remember everything and I'll tell Daniel too. Theresa - Okay well I'll tell the judge, so don't worry about that. JJ - You're not going to go to the judge because that video implicates you just as much as me. Theresa - Actually you're the one with the joint and the looming court date in front of the judge who I hear is just itching to lock you up. JJ - I don't care. He leaves.

Segment 6: Sonny - Your birthday is coming up. Will - And my Mom has always had this picture in her head of throwing me a surprise party and showing the world how much she loves me. Sonny - That's sweet. Will - No, it's not. I hate parties. I hate surprises. This is a double dose of awkward and I need your help please. I want to be warned. Sonny - You will be ... when everyone jumps out and yells surprise. Will - Give me a hint. Sonny - I don't know. I'm not in the loop. Will - Okay, can you find out please? They kiss.

Gabi - I'm sorry. You must think I'm crazy or something. T - No. I should know better than to sneak up on someone at night. Gabi - No, don't be. It's just me being all jumpy and weird and stuff. I just have a lot on my mind. T - Yeah, what's up? Gabi - Nothing. T - That clutch wasn't nothing. Gabi - I'm just overreacting; making a big deal out of nothing. T - Okay. I'm sure you came here to be alone so ... Gabi - Wait. You can stay. I'd actually like some company. T - No problem.

Jordan - You know Kate you really need to find a better outlet for your imagination. Kate - Oh come on. It's not hard to see what you're doing now; see through it. You're not even pretending anymore. Jordan - Can you refresh me? What is it that I'm pretending? Kate - To be a professional; to be a physical therapist. You dump Rafe off on another person so I guess you've covered all your bases ethically. Now he's moving out of the hospital to his own place; he's not going to have anyone to cover his back and wow, you'll be free to do whatever you want to do. But it's not going to happen because I'm not going to let him get hurt. Jordan - So you've said. Kate - So you should believe. I'm not someone you want to cross. You should just ask around because I don't bluff Jordan, or whoever the hell you really are.

Sami - You think I don't want you back. You really think that I don't ache to be with you every minute. I can't because I don't trust you and that was always our thing, right. It was always about trust and you broke it. But I love you and that will never die. EJ - Evidently that's not enough. Sami - You want trust between us too. That is what you've been saying so don't look at me like that. Don't look at me like you're okay with this because you're not. I know you down to your bones. EJ - As I know you. Sami - And I think that's our problem. We gave each other a lot of room and I think it was a relief but I think it's also a trap. EJ - What do you want me to do? Sami - I want you to tell me the truth. EJ - How am I ever going to convince you that I didn't betray you if you don't believe a word I say. Sami - I don't know. EJ - How do we change that? Sami - I'm not sure. I don't know and it's not for lack of trying. I think about it all the time. I'm trying to figure this out. EJ - Then let me help you. Sami - You can't. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to fix it. I don't how long it will take. What I do know is that I do not have the answers you seem to need from me right now. And if you don't want to wait for me, if you want me to get out of here, then I will go.

JJ comes home. Abby and Jen are happy to see him. He notices the boxes of decorations. Mom, we should talk. Jen - We are going to talk. We're going to make snacks, we're going to talk, decorate the house. Abby suggests eggnog. Jen asks if she should make a snack. JJ - Whatever you make is fine. Jen and Abby head to the kitchen. The phone rings. It's Judge Goldberg's clerk. We've received some new video tape evidence in your case. You'll want to call your lawyer.

Segment 7: Gabi returns home. She calls Kate and tells her the meeting that she, Kate and Sami were going to have tomorrow - I think we should do that at my place; Will and Sonny won't be here. Sonny eavesdrops. Kate - Yeah, that's fine. Gabi - I'll see you tomorrow. After the call she mutters - I can't do this. Kate mutters - Hold it together Gabi.

Jordan is looking at all her ID's. NO! I finally have something to hold on to. Kate is not going to ruin it for me.

EJ - I don't want you to leave. We can figure this out. We will, I will. Sami - I wish I could be so sure. EJ - I'll just figure it out for the both of us; it won't be the first time. Sami - No it won't. She hugs him. I miss you. EJ - I miss you. Sami cries - I wish it were ... EJ - I'll fix it. Sami - I'm going to go check on the children. EJ talks to his father's portrait. I know, I know, I know. Patience.

JJ - What kind of tape? You can't give that to the Judge. My lawyer will file a motion. Clerk - The judge is watching it right now. JJ - No, he can't. Theresa and the guy start laughing. Hi cutie, that was my neighbour just messing with you. That was just a warning, next time it's real. JJ - This is out of control. Theresa - I'll call you tomorrow in the meantime don't mess with me JJ. I'm not playing.

Jen and Abby come back with eggnog and snacks. Jen - Who were you talking to? JJ - A telemarketer. Jen makes the first toast. To a new start for all of us.
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