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S loves EJ

Dec 11 2013, 12:25 PM
^They have been getting very superficial writing. I'm fine with that as I've never thought of them having a real deep connection or anything. You know, for a woman that told Rafe that she shot Ej virtually right after she did it and she's been rather open and honest with Lucas too, they really are writing her and Ej as having a real, deep, deep problem with trust...which if you've bothered accepting someone's proposal of marriage, you shouldn't have.

Lumi, Safe and Ejole also had trust issues, Lucas thought Sami slept with Brandon, and he didnīt tell her that Will was the shooter not him and Sami didnīt tell him about Stan or the rape and that that EJ could be the father of her baby until after their wedding. As for Safe Rafe never told Sami the truth about Emily and Sami didnīt tell Rafe about the griefsex, nor did EJ to Nicole, and Nicole never told EJ about her miscarriage or that he was the father of her baby. Maybe Ejami has worse trust issues or maybe it just seems that way because of their bad history.

Anyway I donīt think Ejami is getting superficial writing I think they are finally getting the right writing instead of ending up in bed again Sami understood that it wouldnīt solve their problems. Maybe EJ should have told Sami the truth but Rom wasnīt built in a day. I also felt that they had a deep connection when Sami said she is the woman that knows EJ best down to his bone and that she loves him so much that she aches for him every minute they are apart.

Dec 12 2013, 10:02 AM
All and all, it was a good episode. I actually liked the Ejami stuff. The argument was true to character. Though, I still don't understand why is EJ covering for Kristen. What's his motivation and why would he risk losing his family and the woman he loves for Kristen? Also, his callousness toward Eric does not make sense.

Kate, hon. Please let it go. You can do way better than the very dull Rafe. He's a soul sucking jerk. You're a strong, independant, powerful woman who doesn't need to be so desperate for a man, specially one so boring.

I think EJ is scared of loosing Samantha and that he doesnīt trust her to stay with him if he tells her the truth.
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