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Dec 12 2013, 12:09 PM
I actually remember that picture. It was in Soap Opera Weekly, I believe. I find it interesting in an age comparison that SSH was the same age Kristian Alfonso is now when she was written off the show in 1993 (actually, she was a few months younger). When she and Bill left the show in 1984 after being told they wouldn't be getting any more storylines, essentially because they were "too old". She was only 41. I just finished reading an article in SOD about "missing in action" beloved veteran DAYS actors who were "above a certain age" that had either left the show or been let go due to an apparent network edict that the show not give any real storylines to anyone over 30. That article came out in 1985 and actors mentioned included Suzanne Rogers (Maggie, who wasn't on the show at the time), Bill & Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug & Julie), Lanna Saunders (Marie), and Jed Allen (Don). At the time, Susan was 42, Bill was 60, Lanna Saunders was 44, Jed Allan was 48, and Suzanne Rogers was 42. That's a far cry different from today when pretty the ONLY people with storylines are 30+ and, evenmoreso, 40+ with only a fraction of the stories going to 20somethings.
I've suspected that Brian Frons was responsible for that 80s edict. Those departures occurred shortly after he came to NBC daytime. Poor Susan talked in her book about being made to feel old twice. I think after the second firing she said she got an eye job and the Star tabloid snapped a picture of her in her garden looking pretty rough from the surgery and printed a story saying she was washed up!
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