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Dec 12 2013, 11:54 AM
To me it almost seems like he was withholding the rest of the details at this point simply because she made it pretty clear she wouldn't believe him anyways.
I also sometimes get the impression the details of what exactly he knew aren't really a focus anymore for the story/writers? I was pleasantly surprised when he was actually able to say he only knew an hour before. Everything prior to that moment made it seem like the writers were just changing it to suit some plot point better.

I think the real issue here isn't the details though so much that it was something to highlight that EJ and Sami love each other very much, but still have trust issues to work out. I think it also highlights the different ways they react to things the other does.

It will be interesting to see how EJ reacts to what she did to Nick, and more importantly, how he reacts to her keeping it from him, after his little 'I didn't blink' line. They both give each other a long, long rope...but I think EJ gives her a much longer one.

He doesn't blink :wub2: upset for probably a second and then onto how he can protect her and their family from any fall out.
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