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I bet as they were voted out Hayden and Caleb wished they'd worked with Laura M ... why did no one like her or want to ever work with her? Obviously the woman is a physical monster, never once losing at Redemption Island. I'd hate to see her lose the last one, have Hayden go back and then get voted right back out. Which I expect (I don't know, I promise!) to happen. It's the irony of Survivor. Laura kicks ass and then loses the last one, lol. But either way, whoever comes back obviously is going right back out unless some miracle immunity win.

And I knew Monica would be weak and not flip. Maybe she's assuming she can work with whoever comes back and then that gives them three and no threat of Tyson or Gervase coming back, but she won't flip. She knew she probably should have and she could have probably won too, now she'll either win because everyone hates Tyson and Gervase so much or be roasted for being totally useless except for winning challenges, which she deserves huge kudos for.

I feel like we're seeing why Gervase and Monica probably lose to Tyson (could it be more obvious? Seriously ....), she's worthless and all he does is yell. Who would want to be around him? He doesn't get his way and he throws a temper tantrum.

Loved Ciera coming from completely behind and winning immunity! And Hayden ... I hated his worthless ass on BB but man, probably one of my favorites and I love how he wasn't rolling over and letting himself be voted out.

Hayden and Ciera have both earned welcome back passes, IMO.

And on a somber note, it's really sad watching Tina and Katie and the wonderful bond they have knowing that Tina lost her son and Katie lost her brother (and by sad I mean, just knowing that he's passed and watching them before, in the game, it's hard and makes me really love their bond). I'm glad Tina didn't roll over for her daughter though. I'm really glad they had this experience together now.

So tragic for Tina, I feel so badly for her.
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