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Viewing Single Post From: Wednesday, December 11th Daily Discussion

Dec 12 2013, 01:14 PM
I find most of argument one side most ej throw stuff from the past while Sami only mentioned recent stuff.when I said about not mentioned about not mentioned stuff I did not meant about the rape or dead babies it seem Sami not even allowed to mention ej lied and hid stuff from her day she met him and not he lies to her again when they suppose to be honest with each other finally.
The all arugrment really highlight ej side not really Sami side.and ej of all people mentioned Sami being fickle for year seriously when Sami wanted one man only and wanted to ej to leave her alone ej did not care and went after her when she was with someone else he should the last man that tell it to Sami.the all argument highlight the only show mostly one side ej side
Ej will not give shot what Sami did to nick.I sure Ej will smug around the Hortons

So will birthday change
Free Kate from jafe already like yesterday
JJ is so pro Daniel now blah
They kept their discussion relevant to the period they have been together and in that time, this lie with Kristen is the first thing EJ has done that hurts Sami, so what exactly was she supposed to throw at him.......she did however mention that trust was their issue in their past, bringing into focus why it is so hard to just let it go now.
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