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  • Chris tears up Phyllis' check and pursues Mary on his own. Chris is so taken with Mary that she spends Thanksgiving with his family.
  • Linda rejects Tommy's marriage proposal and goes to work for Bob as his executive assistant. Despite Bob's efforts to take her to dinner, Linda refuses to mix business with pleasure. It's clear she's trying to play a much longer game in hopes of garnering a marriage proposal.
  • Despite Jean settling into a new life on her own with Billy, she gives Fred a second chance and he wants her to give up everything she's achieved for him. When she refuses, they struggle and Fred falls down a flight of stairs. Fred requires delicate brain surgery. When the young resident, Rick Stevens, is unable to perform the surgery (and flees the O.R.!), Bill steps in despite his ailing hand (and Kate's worries) to do the surgery. Meanwhile, Rick panics about his panic and attempts to salvage his medical career by telling Griffin that Bill forced him out of the O.R. so that he could perform the surgery himself! Despite the surgery being a success, Greg (upon hear the story from Rick & Griffin) suspends both Bill and Kate from the hospital staff pending an inquiry by the medical board. Meanwhile, the medical crisis draws Jean closer to Fred. Later, Fred once again forbids Jean from seeing Maggie & hires a prominent malpractice attorney to sue Bill & the hospital.
  • Marlena continues to recover from her ordeal, but Don finds himself jealous of her past with Paul despite Paul's insistence that their currently relationship is strictly professional.
  • Larry Atwood signs Jeri to sing at his new club, but changes her mind in hopes of helping Doug. Larry refuses. Doug has difficulty being shut out of his own club (for legal reasons) because of Julie's new ownership. Larry infiltrates Doug's Place with "spies" who stage a staff walkout on a busy night.
  • David & Trish's new marriage is on shaky ground when Trish puts baby Timothy's needs (as well as her friend Toni's needs) ahead of his.
  • Sister Marie tries to help Patty on Walter Griffin's behest. Meanwhile, Griffin begins to become drawn to Marie. Despite Griffin & Marie's best efforts, Patty continues to see Ron.
  • Neil seems genuinely heartbroken when Phyllis finally leaves him for good.
  • At Samantha's trial, she breaks down on the stand. As a result, Samantha & Marlena's parents place her in a sanitarium to get help. The sisters have an emotional reconciliation.
  • Bill & Kate are terminated from the hospital after the inquiry. Bill seems more concerned about saving Kate's career than his own. The situation causes Bill & Kate to draw closer and closer together. Later, Greg becomes convinced that Bill & Kate's story is true and Rick is at fault. Greg also believes that Walter deliberately misled the board about key facts.

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Don and Marlena argued over Samantha after Don had her arrested and returned to Salem. Samantha later was released into her parents' custody. Phyllis told Neil and Mary that she is taking an extended trip abroad. Neil began drinking heavily after Phyllis left town. Tom, who wants to return to work, was shocked when Bill told him he thought Dr. Griffin would not easily give up Tom's old job.
Amanda and Greg argued when he suspended Bill and Kate for performing unauthorized surgery on Fred. Jean blamed herself for the accident. Marlena confessed she still loves Paul. She rushed to Samantha's side during Sam's trial. Larry taunted Doug and Julie, saying he has hired Jeri. Doug's Place was reopened under Julie's ownership. Walter had another blowout with Patty about Ron.
Mike brought Margo home to meet the folks on Thanksgiving. Fred regained consciousness and threatened to sue all the Hortons when he realized his legs are paralyzed. Laura suggested it might be an hysterical reaction. Samantha's hearing was put on ice when she was packed off to her parents' hometown where she'll undergo psychiatric care. Marlena forgave Sam and Paul left as well. Doug took to the bottle because of his club fiasco. Linda denied she's using Tommy to keep Bob on the hook. The doctor Bill replaced on Fred's surgery was forced to give damaging evidence at Bill and Kate's medical board hearing.
Bill and Kate were fired. Greg and the board reinstated Tom after Walter relinquished some of his duties. While Doug left for an out-of-town singing engagement, Larry secretly undermined the employees at Julie's club. She called him for help when she and Robert disagreed. Marlena and Don reunited. Fred's lawyer advised him that he could sue everybody. Fred twisted Jean around. Trish opened an act at the club. Mary and Linda clashed over business matters.
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