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This was a very entertaining episode! In fact, it might be my favorite of the month so far.

The Nicole and Brady scenes were intriguing as I kept wondering if Nicole would catch on to Brady using again or if she would start making out with him.

All of the JJ scenes were great - even the ones with that drip of a sister of his. I love that he's back in with Rory and Bev and that run-in with Brady at the coke dealer's hang out caught me off guard and I definitely interested to see what happens tomorrow.

The Nicole and Eric scenes were a terrific way to play on Nicole's emotions and her nurturing/protective side when it comes to Eric. Those two simply sizzle when they are on screen together.

Always glad to see T as he brings a sense of realness to the show that so many other characters fail to do.

The highlight, though, was the entire texting and eavesdropping story with Will/Sonny/Sami/Kate/Gabi. I was a little suspect when the first text popped up on screen; but they made the scenes breezy and fun. FS did a great job with what amounts to a modern day silent movie given all of his pitch perfect reactions and expressions to the various things he heard. This show doesn't usually ask very much of FS but he is certainly game for whatever they throw at him and he always gives his all. I am very curious as to the route this story charts in Friday's episode.
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