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Lots of comments on Nicole's OTT clothes today. The more I looked at Nicole's ensemble the more I liked the idea of it. Leopard plush coat over a lustrous mauve leather and spandex mini that looked to match the lining of the coat. So very old school Nicole. All she needed was Pookie in arm to turn back the clock. And Ari's still got it and can flaunt it. "She's got legs, she knows how to use them." The girl looked good in a glam with edge, media maven way.

But most of all I liked how it worked with the story and what it said about Nicole's desire to be 'in your face,' like the Titan TV reporter she is again. She was marching into Victor's lair to beard Brady, former BFF who had treated her like crap, to do a story on behalf of Eric, loved one who had made her feel like trash. Even though still royally pissed at both these brothers, Nicole was once again trying to help them, but she was doing it her way. The clothes said: 'Look at me. If you don't think much of me, screw it. I could care less.' The ultra short skirt was also perfect for today, because it harkened back to Nicole's confession that she wore inappropriate short clothes at her church job to try to get Eric to notice her as a woman. Again, it was like, 'I don't work at that church anymore. I can dress any way I want.' Nicole was out of the nunnery and over the top...toughing it out on her own.

When Nicole walked into Eric's hospital room like that, his fever delirium would likely have gone up a few more degrees if he could have seen her. And Marlena's probably going to gasp in dismay when she sees Nicole there tomorrow. But when Nicole saw Eric in pain...all her tough glitzy shell crumbled away. She only wanted to be his angel of mercy. She's not just old school Nicole now. She's still glam, she's got her edge...but there's more now. Nicole's wardrobe should be dialed down several notches in future, but, IMO, it really worked for today's episode.
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