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S loves EJ

Dec 12 2013, 08:48 PM
I honestly don't care who actors "want" to be paired with. They get paid to put on an entertaining show. Period.

I would not want EJ paired with a woman unless JS wants it, one because it would not work unless his
heart is in it and two because I want him to be happy. That is my problem with Ejole I have not felt
completly sure that it is what he really wants I think he wants Ejami more. Still if he could convince
me that he is perfectly happy with Ejole I probably could support that too since I have liked Ejole too
but just not as much as Ejami. I have no idea have he feels about Ejabby but I would think that he
could support an other pairing than Ejami if the right woman came along. I doubt Ejabby is here for
the long haul so if I wrere JS I would enjoy it as a fun short thing that is no threat to Ejami anyway.
If the writer wanted to give Ejabby a real chance they are doing it wrong since it looks like Abby have
fallen for Everett not EJ.
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