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Dec 13 2013, 12:24 AM
Monday ("Difficult News")
Hope breaks difficult news to Ciara about Bo; Jordan sends a mysterious e-mail.

Tuesday ("Making Amends")
Victor tries to make things right with Maggie; Brady celebrates the holidays by getting high.

Wednesday ("Christmas")
The Hortons celebrate Christmas; Gabi is threatened by Julie.

As much as I love Bope, I'm glad they're FINALLY addressing where he is - I imagine this is the "big storyline" Kristian has been tweeting about - I'm looking forward to what they do with Bo & how they have Hope move forward...as far as Ciara, that kid scares the beejesus out of me & I love it - I hope they don't SORAS her anytime soon & let Lauren grow with the show.

The more I see Jordan, the more I'm intrigued about what she's hiding & who she really is. CS was great on AMC & she's a good pick-up for Days. Kudos on that one.

Christmas at the Horton house is always lovely & with Doug singing... it's just a win. As much as I hate Jennifer, seeing Anne torment her is becoming boring without some motivation behind it - they could & should write that Bill broke up Anne's parents (although she is NOT the bio-kid of Bill Horton...just...no...).

Victor needs to begin to think about retiring from Titan...and once he finds out Brady is using again, he should call Philip to return to Salem & take over the company. Have Brady get pissed, have Philip HATE Daniel, Abby & Caroline for the whole Parker paternity switch bullshit fiasco. I'd love to see him come back & remind everyone what the name Kiriakis can represent...a re-ignition of the DiMera/Kiriakis wars with Philip -vs- EJ? Yep!!!

Gabi is threatened by Julie...does Julie even know Gabi still exists??? Sorry but knowing CB is on her way out makes this less interesting. Besides the fact that Julie is everythingawesome.
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