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Dec 13 2013, 09:55 AM
Dec 12 2013, 07:28 PM
After tweeting out to his ejami fans only as usual, ignoring ejabby fans, biased much, I guess I'm not that off base knowing js is not behind ejabby one hundred percent. You can tell in his acting. Just a theory. He wants to be attached to Sami, nbcs golden girl. Sorry but he wouldn't cut it on y nd r with all their different pairings. I feel bad for Kate mansi. She's a younger actress and a good one at that, but how she supposed to shine when her co star only want scenes with Ali.
James Scott does not Tweet that often. Is it really all that surprising that when he does Tweet he responds to people who have followed him for years? EJ and Abby, assuming this is a go, have shared maybe half a dozen scenes this year. Knowing how insistent Days is that actors do not spoil story lines, why would he start tweeting about Ejabmeintheeyealready if nothing is happening. Wouldn't that be spoiling?

I can't get behind anything that implies that ANY of the actors on Days only want to work with certain actors or have favorites or any of that silliness. They are actors. This is a job. They bust their asses to entertain us. Respect that. And I do mean ALL the actors. [/rantmodeoff]
I love when he says 'Sweenygirl' :wub2: to adorable
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