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You're right. The new SOD has a article about Bo calling Hope to tell her he won't be home for Christmas.
But why/how is that "a stunner of a call"? "surprising" still works cause she probably wasn't expecting him to call. I'm so tired of this ridiculousness. Especially since we just has Hope apologize to Ciara when Ciara said that she wished Bo could be home for Christmas. I do so very much hope there's more to it than "I'm sorry, Hope. I won't be able to be in Salem for Christmas."
Kristian says Hope begins to question Bo's priority, because his family obviously isn't it, and it's heartbreaking for her.
I kinda got that sense from something Kristian said on TSC on the weekend. And unfortunately, Bo putting something else ahead of Hope & their child/children isn't new. He did it in 2000 when he left Hope with a sick JT. He did it in 2005 when he went running off with Billie to try to find Georgia. It doesn't mean he doesn't love Hope & Ciara, he just has a priorities issue. I wish we had gotten a scene with Hope & Shane regarding Bo & his undercover work.

I do still think that Bo will end up dead & that John will be bringing Hope proof of that. (But that doesn't happen for a few more months.)
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