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So obviously, at this point the writing has confirmed her new potential love interest is EJ; wonder if they will refer to the two-day crush Abigail had on EJ back in 2006?

I'm not crazy about the idea. It's been proven that any character mixed up in EJami's overrated love affair is bound for disaster, making it difficult to picture a sweeping love story without a mental image of her boo-hooing over all the DiMera crap EJ and his family do while Sami is dog-facing her. If Wednesday's episode was any inclination of things to come, forget it.

Then, while I do like Kate Mansi because she has a strong presence about her and can be excellent in emotionally charged scenes, her weakness is being too methodical in her choices. She pretty much makes those eyes with anyone Abigail is supposed to like, whether it's a romantic interest or a friend or Daniel Jonas. For all I know she really just wants to screw half the town and not just EJ, lol.

I will say what interests me is the prospect of Abigail finally growing up and becoming a leading character. I just hope they lighten her up some without unbefittingly making her out to be the doe-eyed innocent. She's been a little crazy in the past, let her be more of a mixed bag, while maintaining some morals, and not the sanctimonious hypocrite she has been this last year.

Finally, I've been catching up on this past week's episodes and much as I love any excuse for the characters to talk about Jack Deveraux, sometimes they throw in randomness like how he called Abigail "Little Angel" and I know it's not a big deal but I can't help but laugh, because, well, we never actually saw this (he had different nicknames for her). Of course, that's irrelevant now because it's part of his book and he supposedly gave her this wing, blah, blah.

Whatever. I won't completely beat it down yet because this pairing is sort of unexpected, and sometimes that's a good thing.
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