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I am all caught up on Miami, ATL, and BH.

I am so bored. It has honestly become unbearable.

I literally hate everyone on Miami except Alexia and Marisol, who wasn't even full time. I hope it doesn't come back.

ATL is okay. It seems the most fresh.

I cannot believe Bravo would put Carleton on TV. It's honestly embarrassing. She is desperate slag. There have been a lot of desperate, camera-starved housewives in the past, but she takes the cake because she's so trashy and crazy. Joyce is rootable, but boring. The two new girls don't fit in. It's forced.

Yolanda has turned to the dark side.

Ironically, I kind of like Lisa more this season than I did last season, but still nowhere near compared to the love I used to have for her.

Thank GODDDDD for the Richards' girls.
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