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Dec 13 2013, 10:46 AM
I've noticed JS plays Ej with a devilish glint in his eye around Abby. It fits the character to flirt and fluster this young woman. Who knows what will come of all this, for all we know it could be a test run to gauge viewer reaction, but whatever it turns out to be I'm looking forward to the pure fun of it.

Me. Too!!!

Are people judging JS in relation to Ejabby, or calling him out for being why it wouldn't/doesn't work? That seems odd. Where is that coming from? There has been a handful of scenes so far and JS's reactions to Abby are precisely why I am so excited about this as a potential thing. I see something there - perhaps it's the same flirty glint he gives everyone, but in this case his flirty glint plus Abby's curiosity/naivete/romanticizing etc. make for a combo I am very excited to see.

In any event, just as a side note, I could give three shites whether an actor doesn't love the pairing he is in or the actors he is playing against. Yes, actors getting along and having a natural chemistry with each other often translates to the screen and definitely enhances the compatibility of the characters. But JS is nothing if not professional I am sure - he will go along and make it work as that's his job. If there is no connection there is no connection - that is what chem testing is for - but I really could not care less if Ejabby or anything else is not his preference. Actors do their job and that is that.

I also really do not care how long term or not Ejabby is. If it happens, I will revel in every second and enjoy the new changes or story opportunities such a diversion produces. I am all for a shake-up, which is the main reason the possibility of this pairing excites me.
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