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Dec 13 2013, 03:08 PM
Dec 13 2013, 02:36 PM
Looks like we've found our Fetch fans.

Thinking that Tomsell are doing a good job over all as a HW team is NOT the same as being a Fetch fan. Please adjust your head count and count me out on that.

It's precisely because I can see that the Tomsell combo can pool their experience and come up with good story arcs suitable for DOOL that my frustration with the show's Fetch infatuation has grown exponentially in recent weeks. It's almost unbearable at times to see the wasted airtime when the show is otherwise so much better. Dannifer is a hold over from Higley, and I suspect it is not Tomsell who keep insisting that DOOL must make Fetch happen.
I'm inclined to attribute any significant improvement to Lorraine Broderick and the daily writers rather than TomSell. Because I still see the same overarching problems as before: paper-thin characterization that changes on a dime or the HW's whim, dependence on cretinous stupidity to drive plots, and overuse of expository dialogue and recent flashbacks to drag things out in the months between sweeps periods. And overuse of a select handful of characters, and neglect of others. Some individual stories are decent--the fallout from Kristengate, for example, and now the sort-of murder mystery with Nick--but others are just treading water and getting more tiresome by the episode, which isn't helped by the ridiculous taping schedule. I'm not excited by the newbies coming on board, either. I'd rather see some of the more popular recurring characters get contracts or some beloved vets return. Holy Terror Theresa should have her parents back in town long-term, and they should be focused on her as a troubled daughter, not as a Fetch interloper.
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