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Viewing Single Post From: Jade Harlow joining "Days" cast in January.
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Dec 13 2013, 06:04 PM
Dec 13 2013, 05:13 PM
Dec 13 2013, 05:11 PM
I'm confused as to how they are going to fit everything in come 2014.

Lucas and Jade - new love story.
Rafe and Jordan - kicking it up a notch
Hope - exciting new story.
New man Liam and his mystery involvement.
John returning.
Brady's descent into darkness.
Will and Sonny wedding.

When all we have dropped is Kristen, and potentially Nick and Gabi.
maybe Sami's taking a vacation?
I don't see how Hope can get a new exciting story when according to SOD all that Bo tells her in his stunning phone call is that he isn't coming home for Christmas....

And I hope we can soon add EJ with Abby on your list!
Hope's story starts in January. The call is covering bases & setting things up. It reminds people why Bo won't be around during Christmas, it gets Ciara all depressed & will probably result in her acting out again, and it makes Hope wonder what the fuck is wrong with her husband. (I phrased it like that on purpose. He's been doing who knows what for almost a year & she's kinda getting annoyed & tired of it.) At this point, I could almost see Hope feeling the need to issue Bo an ultimatum - come home & prove that you can put your family first, or we'll have no choice but to move on without you. The ultimatum wouldn't make Hope love Bo any less, but it could be an interesting set-up if Hope were to find out that Bo was killed trying to get out of his undercover work and come home.
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