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Dec 13 2013, 06:28 PM
Dec 13 2013, 10:56 AM
Dec 13 2013, 10:32 AM

i wonder if the Abby/Stefano bits are hints? Perhaps she is connected to Stefano. Although please not another kid. Maybe grandkid.

Or they could make her Tommy Horton's daughter.
At this point, it wouldn't surprise me to learn she was Jack's secret love child because Jack seems to have a better storyline when he's dead/not-on-screen. :facepalm:

Another Dimera? Maybe she's Megan and Bo's love child!!!!! Ok. Maybe not. But it was a fun 2 second idea.

Maybe she's a missing heiress, running away from an arranged marriage to nope, been there, done that.

I do wish they'd let Jordan lighten up a bit. One of the blogs noted that having Rafe be in a storyline where he is helpless and having a woman rescue him was a good move for the character. I agree but I know YMMV. Jordan being the one to help Rafe has made for a nice dynamic in their relationship.

(I still don't like that Kate's being treated like last Friday's left over pizza in all this - she did try to end it with Rafe last spring and HE is the one who suggest they talk it over back at his place. Why couldn't they have had him acknowledge her friendship and tell her he valued that?)

Love CS though.
In SOD Lauren K made a comment that Kate is concerned that Jordan is one of Stefano's minions out to hurt Rafe and it's being misconstrued as jealousy. I was happy to hear that and maybe when she realizes that's not the case with Jordan (or I hope it's not) then she will leave them alone.
I read that too and I hope for the same because I'd like for it to be more of an intriguing twisty mystery than continuing it as this lackluster triangle.

I'm not sure I buy that jealousy hasn't fueled her motives though. Kate was shown to have her nose out of whack the minute Jordan arrived on the scene as a woman. Plus Kate's the one who initially "picked" the candidates of therapists. Stefano had no involvement there. It seems to me she luckily hit some dirt on Jordan and is using that as her excuse to cry 'Stefano' to dislodge Jordan from Rafe's life. If Jordan had been acting nefarious or hindering Rafe's progress then I'd believe Kate has reason to fear Stefano's influence.

We know Kate still has feelings for Rafe which aren't being reciprocated and that she's witnessed his affection turning elsewhere therefore her actions most certainly are based in part on jealousy. But again, the sooner she lets Rafe be an independent man instead of the coddled child she's been treating him as the better.
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