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Dec 13 2013, 07:27 PM
I hope JJ shows that he has some of his Dad's brains and manages to challenge Theresa. That would also be in character.
I want JJ to realize that he can destroy Theresa's life just as much as she can destroy his life.

If Theresa crashes JJ's probation hearing and announces that she and JJ were doing drugs, then JJ can easily retaliate. He can tell Theresa's parents that Theresa lied about not remembering what happened the night that she OD'd. Shane and Kim would be pissed that Theresa had lied, and Shane and Kim might tell the judge that Theresa had violated her probation. Then Theresa would be ordered to return to Los Angeles and would have to serve jail time. (Alternately, JJ could contact the judge who let Theresa move to Salem. Once the judge learned that Theresa had violated her probation, the judge would throw Theresa's ass in jail.)

JJ should tell Theresa that there will be "mutually assured destruction" if either of them tries to rat out the other. In that case, it would be beneficial for both of them to never reveal what actually happened the night Theresa OD'd.
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