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S loves EJ

Dec 13 2013, 08:29 AM
S loves EJ
Dec 13 2013, 02:06 AM
Dec 12 2013, 08:48 PM
I honestly don't care who actors "want" to be paired with. They get paid to put on an entertaining show. Period.

I would not want EJ paired with a woman unless JS wants it, one because it would not work unless his
heart is in it and two because I want him to be happy. That is my problem with Ejole I have not felt
completly sure that it is what he really wants I think he wants Ejami more. Still if he could convince
me that he is perfectly happy with Ejole I probably could support that too since I have liked Ejole too
but just not as much as Ejami. I have no idea have he feels about Ejabby but I would think that he
could support an other pairing than Ejami if the right woman came along. I doubt Ejabby is here for
the long haul so if I wrere JS I would enjoy it as a fun short thing that is no threat to Ejami anyway.
If the writer wanted to give Ejabby a real chance they are doing it wrong since it looks like Abby have
fallen for Everett not EJ.
James Scott has stated that he loved working with LK and wished they'd gone further with EJ and Kate, and he was angry about Taylor being brought in because he loves working with AZ and they'd worked hard on turning EJole into a real couple.
Itīs not that I thought JS doesnīt like Ejole. I guess I just gotten the impression from interviews that Ejami to be his no 1 choice, which made me feel less interested in Ejole than I was fall 2011- spring 2012. Still regardless whether thatīs the case or not it looks like he does enjoy working with AZ and are supporting of Ejole and thatīs enough for me. I disagree with people saying it doesnīt matter if he likes it that he should be a proffesional and just do hisīs job I want him to at least like it and be supportive of it even if it wouldnīt be his first choice. There are several Ejole scenes that I liked so I could probably get over my doubts about Ejole completly with just the right writing. I was almost buying into EJīs love for Nicole after their break up and when he wanted her back and probably would have if the writers just had been consistent in their writing instead of shifting focus to Sami. Iīm not sure if Ejole have the ultimate chemistry because if they do Iīm not so sure they would need to work on it, but it does seem that whether thatīs the case or not that JS is supportive of Ejole and I suppose thatīs all I need to know. I do sometimes gets doubts about Ejami aswell because of their bad history and feel ready for something new and I do think Ejabby can be interesting and fun even though I thinkīs short term.

As for Ejate I could understand if JS enjoys working with LK but I doubt they could have worked in a real relationship since Kate is to old for him, but I do like Ejate in scenes together.
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