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camera shy

Dec 14 2013, 04:53 AM
I don't think EJabby are at the stage right now for anything physical or even hard-core flirting. They are building an emotional/intellectual connection, which is an awesome foundation. It would be shallow to be solely a physical flirtation right off the start. I would like the deep emotional connection built first....and then an EJami break-up....and then romance for EJabby.

I don't see EJabby being long-term, but it will be nice to have a long break from them, while some fresh new dynamics are explored. I wouldn't even mind Sami going back to Lucas for awhile. I just need EJ and Sami to be shaken up for awhile.
Yeah, right now I think Abby just thinks of EJ as a man she's somewhat fascinated by and enjoys talking to......she hasn't looked at him in a romantic way. After their last meeting and she ran into Hope, she seemed content with not having a man in her life at the moment. Heres what I think is going to happen, they'll keep having their little run-in until NYE and on that night they'll end up meeting and EJ being EJ will wish her a happy New Year and he'll give her a little kiss on the cheek and somewhow it'll turn into a big, hot kiss leaving them both stunned. :D
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