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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: Brady shakes JJ's hand. Good to see you. It's been a long time. I've known you've been in town for a while but I haven't seen you. JJ - it's good to see you man. Both of them ask the other at the same time - What are you doing here?

Dan ushers Marlena into his office and thanks her for meeting him here. Marlena - I'm happy to. I know you're trying to help Eric. Dan - It matters to me that he gets his name cleared. Marlena - To me too. Dan - I think the best place to start would be to track down the person that gave Kristen the drugs she used on Eric. Given your history with the DiMera's maybe you could provide me with a few names for me to look into.

Dr Chyka - Miss DiMera, I assure you as I have done countless times before, that no one will ever be able to prove that you drugged the priest. I stake my reputation on it. After he ends the call he mutters - Unless of course it benefits me to reveal otherwise. He stares at the contents of an open briefcase that contains file folders and disks.

Nicole keeps wiping Eric with a cool cloth. I hope this test is worth it Eric. I mean using one drug to figure out what drug Kristen used on you. You're the one that is suffering; it should be her. Eric says her name. Nicole - I'm here, try not to talk. What is it? Eric - Do you forgive me?

Repeat of the conversation ending with Gabi saying that 'we murdered Nick'. Kate - You do really need to get a grip. The only people in the world who know what we did to Nick are sitting right here and as long as you keep your mouth shut no one else will ever know.

Adrienne - Why do you think Sonny stopped texting? Will - The last one said they were about to start talking about my surprise party. So I'll just say - What's going on and have they revealed anything interesting yet.

Sonny reads Will's text.

Marlena - Stefano had an eccentric scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf but I think that relationship ended a long time ago. Dan - Anyone else? Marlena - There's an endless list of people that would do anything for Stefano. I can't give you a whole list. I'm not even sure I could narrow it down well for you. Dan - Don't worry about it. I just thought it was a good backup plan if the test I'm running on Eric ... Marlena - What test?

Nicole - You shouldn't try and talk. You need to conserve your energy. Eric - Please, I can't rest now. Can you ever forgive me? Nicole - Yes, I could. I do, okay.

It looks like Sonny starts recording the conversation at this point. Gabi - I want to do what you guys are telling me to do. I wish that I could pretend that this nightmare just never happened but I can't because I feel really guilty. I feel like I can't breathe; I can't think about anything else. Sami - I understand how you feel. I do. I mean that whole thing that happened with me and Bernardi a couple of months ago; it stays with you knowing that you are responsible for the death of another human being. Of course it does. How could it not. Gabi - You were trying to protect my brother; Bernardi was trying to kill him. Sami - And Nick was attacking you. Kate - He was about to rape you Gabi! Gabi - He was. I can't believe it. Yeah, he was. Sami - And that is how I dealt with my feelings of guilt over Bernardi. I would remind myself that I was protecting Rafe. So you have to remind yourself that you hit Nick with that rock because you were protecting yourself. Gabi - Yeah, but it should have stopped there because he was still alive. Kate - We didn't know that. At the moment we did what we had to do.

Adrienne returns with a refill - What? Still nothing. Will - No. Adrienne - Maybe they caught him and know he's been eavesdropping. Gabi might let it go but your Mom and your Grandma ... Will - They would not be happy. Will texts - Careful, if you get caught my Mom and Grandma just might kill you.

Sonny reads that text. (I don't know if he's recording or just holding his cell phone to the door because he's resting his hand on the door). Gabi - That moment, in the river, when we were pushing his body into the water and he reached out and grabbed your hand and his eyes popped open, I will never forget that moment, never! I have it in my head right now and I will never stop thinking about that for the rest of my life. Sami - I don't ... Gabi - No, when I hit him with the rock, yes, I was defending myself but after that, when we pushed his body into the water, that wasn't self-defence; that was murder. Sami - No, that was a reflex reaction. Kate - That's right. He startled us. Gabi - He startled us so we killed him? Kate - Gabi, he attacked you unprovoked. Who knows what he would have done to you after you tried to bash his head in with a rock. Sami - Yeah, he had completely snapped at that point. Kate - He did; Sami's right. Sami - Yeah and I just think that after everything he has done to you, to us, to Will and Sonny, he got what he deserved. Sonny turns away from the door and leans his head against the wall.

Segment 2: Anne walks up to Theresa who is checking her cell near the nurse's station and plops a stack of file folders in her arms. I want these filed within the hour and then you still have those badges to get done. Theresa drags her to the coffee station. We need to talk. I get why you're mad at me. Anne - Maybe it's because you don't do zip around here and I ... Theresa - It's because you think I've gone soft but I haven't. Anne - What does that mean? Theresa - I remember absolutely everything from the night I OD'd. Anne - What! Why the hell haven't you said anything. Theresa - Because it furthers my agenda or more to the point, our agenda to destroy Jennifer Horton's life. Anne - So you're still a Horton hater? Theresa - Still and always was. In fact I'm making Jenny's life worse even as we speak.

Brady - Shouldn't you be in school? JJ - It's exam week. I don't have to go in unless I have a test and I don't have one today. Brady - That's good. So you're hanging out at the park yourself? JJ recalls Theresa's orders to get her some weed. JJ - I'm meeting a friend, Jeff. He takes better notes than I do. He let me borrow them. So what are you doing out here? It's cold. Don't you have some million dollar corporation to run? Cue flashback of him breaking his vial of cocaine and calling his dealer. Brady - Just out for a jog. JJ - Slow pace, you haven't even broken a sweat. Brady - I haven't started yet. You know this is not a good part of town, this park is pretty sketchy. I would consider texting your friend and telling him to meet you someplace else because this is a place where you could get in trouble. JJ - Thank you for that but I think I can take care of myself. You don't have to stick around. You can go on that run.

Dan - I'm sorry, I thought Eric would have told you about the test. Marlena - No he hasn't said a word to me. Dan - Maybe he didn't want to get your hopes up. Marlena - Alright, what test. Dan - It's something that was just made available; a recently developed procedure. The chemicals used should deteriorate what ever masking agents were used to disguise the drug that Kristen injected in him. Marlena - So you think whatever drugs Kristen gave him might still be in his system. Dan - I'm pretty certain that the kind of drug that had been used is the kind that has a long half-life so yeah. Marlena - And if you discover the drug you could figure out what kind of effects it has. Dan - Then we can prove that Eric didn't willingly break his vows of celibacy. It's a very painful procedure unfortunately but he is determined to do it; to do whatever it takes to exonerate himself.

Nicole is sitting holding Eric's hand when he wakes up again. She tells him the nurse was just in here and she says the fever is going down. That's really good. Eric feels better now. Everything's better. Thank you.

Gabi - What's going to happen when people realise Nick isn't in New York and that he's missing? Sami - Well besides us saying that we haven't heard from him, hopefully nothing. Gabi - His cousin is a detective. Sami - Hope will have nothing to detect Gabi so we are okay. Gabi - It's a really tight family. She's going to ask questions; they all are. People saw us arguing in the Horton Town Square. They're going to know. They're going to remember and they're going to know that I was the last person to see him alive and that we were going at it. Kate - You have to stop borrowing trouble. Stop! Gabi - I'm not looking far Kate. What if his body washes up somewhere and what if it shows up in the news and that guy we saw by the river, what if he says something. Sami - Nothing like that is going to happen. He's not going to know anything. Gabi - He knows something! You know he ... Kate snaps - Stop! You need to stop. He doesn't know ... there's a knock on the door. Sami whispers - Just pretend you're not home. This is important. The knocking continues. Open up, police. Gabi - OMG! Sonny mouths OMG!

Segment 3: Theresa whines about her parents and the power Jen had over her so now she hates her even more. Anne - So why the hell didn't you use my statement at Daniel's hearing. Theresa - Because it was too obvious and it could have gotten me in trouble. You play innocent, you win people's trust and I'm getting a lot more mileage out of this then your statement ever would have. But make no mistake I'm going to take Jennifer Horton down hard. Theresa sees Dan so she cries out - What is wrong with you Anne. You're being so mean to me. Dan walks up - What is the problem? Anne - Oh there is no problem here. Theresa and I know exactly where we stand with each other now. She leaves.

Brady is stretching. JJ comments that he's been stretching for a long time. Brady doesn't want to pull a muscle. Your friend is really late. Are you sure this is the right place for you to meet him. JJ - Yeah. They both hear a noise and look around. Brady - I've been talking to your mom and she's really, really happy with the way you've turned your life around. With the mess that's going on with Daniel and everything, she's really happy that she doesn't have to worry about you anymore. I thought you should know that. JJ looks at his cell. Wow - I'm in the wrong place. My bad. I guess I'll see you. Brady - Yeah I guess so. Take it easy. JJ leaves.

Marlena comes in to find Nicole sitting on Eric's bed. How is he? Nicole - He's in pain; in and out of consciousness. Marlena - I didn't know he was here. Nicole - He's been shutting you out because of the scandal? Because of the video you played at the wedding. You know Marlena I might have a way you could make it up to him. I'm working back at Titan TV and my first assignment is Eric's story. Marlena - Excuse me! Nicole - And I'm going to use all my resources to help prove his innocence and if you want to help me I would be more than happy to interview you for the piece. It would be great. To hear from Eric's mom would be ... Marlena - A bad idea. It would be a complete disaster and I think you know why.

Adrienne - Maybe Sonny's phone died. Will - I don't think so. I can tell my messages have been read. You know he knows how much I hate surprises so maybe he's thinking of a way to soften the blow of all the embarrassing things my mom is planning. Adrienne - You know sometimes us moms have only your best interests at heart. Will - It's kind of weird that you're defending my mom to me. Adrienne - Well I now feel pretty bad about being so hard on Sami because as it turns out she was absolutely right. You and my son belong together. Now that I've told her how sorry I am I would really like the opportunity to apologise to you too Will. Will - It's okay. Adrienne - No, it's not. I said a lot of things that I regret. I just hope that you can forgive me yet again for misjudging you and your family.

Gabi - OMG ... Kate and Sami - Ssh. Roman calls out - Are you okay in there, I was just joking. Sami - It's my Dad. Gabi - The Commissioner is here. Sami - Calm down, it's going to be fine. I will handle this. Sami opens the door and gives her Daddy a hug. Hi. Roman - I didn't know you were here. He comes in. Kate, looks like we had the same idea. I wanted to see Will and the baby. Is that okay. Kate - Oh, that is great but Will's not here and the baby is sleeping. Roman - That's too bad. Hey, what was all that scrambling and whispering I heard before. Sami - Daddy, there's a sleeping baby. We were trying to keep our voices down. Kate - Do you made that police announcement every time you come to a house that has a baby in it ... Roman - It was for Will. I like to mess with him like that. Kate laughs. Sami - I'm sure he loves that. Anyway as we said he's not here and the baby is sleeping so ... Ari cries. Roman - Not now. Can I go in. Kate takes him into the baby's room. Gabi's going to take something in for Ari because that's probably why she's not sleeping. Sami will do it. You just stay and calm down. Where is this? Gabi - It's in the closet. Sonny panics.

Segment 4: Dan follows Theresa into his office. Okay talk to me. Theresa start her lies. Nothing is going right. I told the truth at your hearing and Anne Milbauer's hated me ever since and on top of that JJ keeps coming around even though I told him it's not a good idea and his mom wouldn't be happy. I'm worried that your mom's mad at me too. Dan - Why? Theresa - I haven't been going to the AA meetings like I said I would. I feel self-conscious going by myself. Dan - My mother would go with you. Theresa - I don't want to bother her that way. The last thing I want is for things to be more awkward with Jennifer. I mean she'd probably be resentful of her Aunt Maggie helping me out. Dan - That's not Jen's M.O. I have a friend who would be happy to go to a meeting with you. His name is Brady Black. Theresa - Forget it, your mom already asked him for me and he said no. Dan - What, that's not like Brady.

When the dealer shows up Brady asks what took him so long. Guy - Good things come to those who wait. Brady pays him for a vial of coke.

Nicole - I would never unfairly represent what happened to Eric. Marlena - That's not why I'm worried. Nicole - Then why are you? Marlena - I know that Eric accused you of being the person who got into bed with him. I know he feels terrible about the way he hurt you. Nicole - Yes he did and I was really angry but we're okay now and there were reasons he thought it was me who drugged him and seduced him. It wasn't just random. There were a lot of coincidences that night ... Marlena - Yes I understand that but ... Nicole - But what? Marlena - There must have been something else. Nicole - What are you getting at? Marlena - If Eric was convinced that you were the person that slipped into bed with him he must have been aware that you have feelings for him. Nicole - Hold on. Marlena - Please don't try and deny this. I've seen the way you look at my son. I saw the way you looked at him all those months ago in the rectory and I saw the way you were looking at him when I came in here and you were ministering to him. Nicole - He's my friend. I was worried. I'm worried now. Marlena - Your worry looks a lot like love and if I can see that, others can too. People that have the power to take away his good work from the priesthood. People that are scrutinizing him right now will certainly see that you have feelings for him. Don't you understand it's possible for you to make things even worse than they are right now.

Sonny grabs a suit jacket and holds it in front of himself when Sami opens the closet door. Gabi calls out - It's here. Gabi - I know you said you'd go but I feel better now. I can go. Sami - Okay. I'll go with you. I want to make sure my Dad is okay. Sonny is going to sneak out of the apartment but he sees the chain is up so he hides behind the stroller.

Will - There's nothing to forgive. Trust me, I understand why you're apprehensive about me and my family. There's been a lot of crazy stuff that's been going on. Adrienne - Still, I shouldn't have made it sound as if you're family's always involved in some dangerous mess. Even though your Mom is engaged to a DiMera their relationship seems stable right now. Will - Yeah it does. Adrienne takes his hand. I also feel bad about saying that I didn't think the living arrangement between you and Sonny and Gabi and the baby would work out because it has. You're a wonderful little family. You're also loving with Arianna and so respectful of each other. Will - Thanks, we try and be. Adrienne - No living situation is ever perfect. All I know is Sonny's never been happier and it's obvious he's in the right place.

Sonny ducks down when Sami and Roman come into the living room. Roman - Your mom just texted me. I better go check this out. Sami - Of course. You'll have more time to spend with Ari soon. They hug. Bye. Gabi calls out for Sami to bring the diaper rash cream.

Segment 5: Theresa - I'm sure your friend Brady was just busy and couldn't take the time to hold my hand through an AA meeting besides I'd rather go with someone who knew me a little better like maybe ... Dan - I'm not in the program. Theresa - I know, but still ... Dan - My mom wouldn't mind taking you. I think that's the best idea. Theresa - Okay. Remember the other day you said I could talk to you if things get really tough, that still stands? Dan - It still stands. I've got to work to do. Theresa thanks him for listening and leaves.

Nicole - Whatever feelings I had for Eric are completely gone now. Marlena is sceptical. Nicole - It's the truth! Marlena - You involved yourself in my son's life constantly. Nicole - No, it wasn't even my idea to do the interview. It was Daniel's. He was begging me to help him but I'm done with him ... totally done! Kristen did this horrible, unforgiveable thing to him, practically ruined his life and everything he's worked so hard for possibly up in smoke. It's just wrong and completely unfair and he should be back in the priesthood where he belongs. Marlena - That is where he belongs. I'm glad you understand that. Nicole - You're like a dog with a bone. That's exactly what I just said. Roman comes in. Am I interrupting something. Nicole - No, I was just leaving.

Will - It's kind of weird that I haven't heard from Sonny since that last text. Adrienne - I'm sure you'll hear from him soon. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. It's kind of different for us, laughing together. Will - Yeah, it's kind of been fun. Adrienne - Just don't you two pull a stunt like this on me, got it. Will - Don't throw me a surprise party and we've got a deal. Adrienne - Sonny feels very comfortable with your family and I was hoping that maybe someday you and I might have that same kind of relationship that Sonny has with your mother.

Kate comes into the living room. Did you find it? Is your father gone? Sami - I can't find the diaper cream and yes my father's gone. Kate - I think she is going to crack. Every time we get her under control she ... Sami - And what's more she acts like a crazy person over the situation. We should never have stuck our necks out for her and it's actually because of you that we are involved in her insanity. Kate - What! Are you blaming me! Sami - Well I was perfectly prepared to let Gabi hang herself out there in those woods and deal with her problem herself. Kate - Oh really. After you made the colossal mistake of saying Nick was dead when he most obviously wasn't! Gabi calls out - Did you find the cream? Kate - Yes I did. She tells Sami to stay in here and keep blaming ... Sami tells her to shut up and follows her into Gabi's room. Sonny goes to the door but sees the chain is on so he goes out the window. The women return into the room with Ari. Sonny has left the window wide open.

Segment 6: Brady is back at the K mansion. He's obviously taken a hit. He wonders what JJ was doing in the park. If that kid is in trouble again it's going to kill Jen. It's going to kill her. Damn kids. He takes another hit.

JJ pays the dealer but says he needs more than this. The dealer says he has plenty of harder stuff if he wants it. JJ - No. Did you sell any stuff to a guy named Brady Black today? Dealer - Never heard of him. JJ - Okay. Dealer - Asking nosy questions doesn't make you sound smart. JJ - Okay.

Eric comes to and asks his parents what they're doing here. Marlena - Daniel thought I knew. When I heard I came straight here and of course called your father. Roman - I wish you would have told us. Eric - I need some distance. I need to do this on my own. Marlena - Why? We want to help you through this honey. Eric - Mom, please go. I love you both. It's hard enough to do without you hovering. Roman - Alright. As Marlena is leaving Eric tells her to wait. It's still pretty hazy but I feel like Nicole was here. Marlena - She was but she's gone now.

Nicole comes into Dan's office. She wants to speak to him privately. Dan - When? Nicole - Now but not here. Can you take a short break and have someone cover for you. Dan - Sure. I just need to check on Eric then I'll have a nurse take over for a while. What's going on? Let's go to my place.

Sami rubs her arms. I don't remember that window being open. She closes it. Gabi exclaims - OMG. She just stood up. They gush. Kate - Can you imagine how many special moments like this you would miss if you didn't keep our secret about Nick. Sami - Kate's right. You confess, you go to prison and you will miss this and so much more. Kate - Her first steps, first words, first time she says Mama. Sami - It's not just you. What about her? What about her life? Having to go visit you in prison? I spend a lot of years without my Mom and in some ways I never got over it. Kate - You don't want Arianna to be screwed up like Sami, do you Gabi?

Segment 7: JJ is at Theresa's. He gives her the weed. Theresa - That's all you could get. JJ - That's all he had. Please don't ask me to go back there. I ran into my mom's friend Brady Black and I know that he was suspicious. Theresa - You have to have more connections. You're in high school. What about that freaky one with the greasy hair. He can hook you up. JJ - I can't do that. It's too risky. She holds up her cell. Is it riskier than this video that could send you to prison in 2 seconds flat. Pick your poison kid. Either get me my weed and take a chance or don't get it and you can be 100% sure you're going down.

Brady plays with his new found love - his vial of coke, then makes a call. Hey Jen, it's Brady. Can you see me? I need to talk to you in person. It's about JJ. Okay.

Eric is lying in his hospital bed. He smiles - She forgave me.

Dan follows Nicole into his apartment. What's going on here? Nicole - I'm a little worried about the help I'm giving Eric with the TV piece. Dan - Why, I thought you were on board with this. Nicole - I was, I am. I just realised that if I'm going to go through with this I need you to do something for me and I'm pretty sure you're not going to like it at all.

Sami - Gabi, I'm just asking you to think about it. What will this little angel's life be like if she was visiting you weekly inside prison. And kids at school ... it's tough enough. What are they going to say knowing that her mother, her grandmother and her great-grandmother are all in prison. Kids are merciless, parents are worse. Kate - I know that you want to do the right thing but the right thing for this beautiful little baby is to have a loving and happy life with the safety of knowing that you provided it. You can't ever say anything about what we did to Nick. Do you understand? Sami - You agree, right, it makes sense. Gabi - Yeah. I understand.

Sonny joins Will at the club. Will - Hey, what's up? Sonny - I have to talk to you. Will - Okay, what happened? Why did you stop texting me? Sonny - I'm glad you're sitting down cause you're not going to believe this. Adrienne comes up and kisses him. Hey baby. Dish, what were those ladies up to?
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