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This was posted by Les Brandt on tvbythenumbers, who plays Ricardo..

" I’m REALLY liking the “fun murder” storyline, too…mostly in part because I’m the one behind it…Stefano and Ricardo (my character) are out doing some pretty Dark Sided antics….stay tuned Days Fans…Jan and Feb are going to be GOOD!!! "

Source: http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2013/12/12/days-of-our-lives-delivers-its-biggest-women-18-49-audience-in-two-years/222309/

interesting... very very interesting.

Something tells me that Nick is very much alive & well thanks to Stefano. Could Nick have suffered brain damage & not remember who he is, thus becoming Stefano's newest Pawn?
Oh hell no.

Why does every storyline wind up having to end with Stefano as the mastermind in the end? It's like the writers can't figure out how to end a plot, so they bring Stefano into it to be the bad guy pulling the strings. Then everyone can ward off Stefano, the story ends, and everything goes back to normal. Kate, Sami and Gabi won't suffer any consequences for their actions because Stefano is the bad guy. Nor will anyone who joins in the cover-up. It's such lazy, tired storytelling.
I somehow doubt Nick loses his memory (he might pretend). I am sure he's going to torment those three once he recovers. Maybe he teams up with Stefano. But I really agree with you about the "indestructible Stefano" who's involved in every scheme. Maybe Sonny will involve his uncle Vic and we'll have a total Salem war.
The only good that could come out of this is if EJ finally cuts ties with his father. How many times is he going to let him manipulate Samantha and get away with it? EJ needs to take Samantha & the children to a safe house, and then work with Vic/Justin/Hope/Roman to take out Stefano or at least run him out of town for an extended period. It's time for another 2-3 year break from him being behind everything that happens in Salem. Then bring him back for the 50th Anniversary.
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