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Brotherly Love

Dec 14 2013, 04:35 AM
Dec 13 2013, 07:50 PM
It's interesting how they keep talking about jack. Was he considered a bad man ever? I like that maybe they are setting the jack part up so Abby sees EJ in a good light. Like he's like jack, so she would accept him for who he is.

Jack was brought in as an interloper for the Steve/Kayla pairing. He raped Kayla when it became evident she was cheating on him with Steve and was planning to leave, and he tormented Steve and Kayla for a while after that until he hit rock bottom when he found out that he was actually a Johnson and his adopted father was a psychotic killer.

There was a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG slow road to redemption for Jack after that (starting with his attempts to help Kayla and Steve put their marriage back together and his relationship with Jennifer) that played out over the course of about 4 years, but he never quite let go of his insecurities of who he was and whether or not he was deserving of his life with Jennifer and his family. (He was also, rightly so, treated as the town pariah for many years.) As the writing became less complex and more shallow for Jack over the years (with people who had no idea how to write for a character as complex as ANYONE in the Johnson family), Jack became more prone to slapstick comedy than anything else.

I'd say that old-school Jack was the original prototype for EJ. The difference is that they've never given EJ that full redemption arc for his past deeds (and that includes his relationship with Sami). A relationship with Abby could definitely mirror the Jack/Jennifer relationship in that sense, and it could go a long way toward EJ working out some of the baser of his bad instincts.

(If they can write with that complexity, that is. It takes time and investment, and not many soap writers these days like to set up stories with that long of an arc. Of course, this Nicole/Eric slow burn is an exception, so maybe they're finally realizing people don't want to see insta-story arcs.)
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