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Dec 14 2013, 01:51 PM
Dec 14 2013, 01:47 PM
Dec 14 2013, 12:47 PM
I don't know where to post this...but SOD has a poll out that asks who you want to see reunited the most in 2014. John/Marlena are winning big-time with over 3,000 votes.

There you have it, DAYS. A large chunk of the audience wants a John/Marlena reunion. And for them to be in character this time around! Please fix them and fix them in a recognizable way!
Yeah, but you have to remember, last year SOD had that poll asking how the fans felt about Fetch. I believe it ended up with something like 4% for and 96% against them and look where we are a year later. I'm just saying not to get your hopes up.
The thing is, 3,000 is barely even a tenth of one percent of the viewing audience.
That's true, but the way that TV execs look at this information is different than how we do. I did an interview once with a BTS type for a story I want to write and asked about fan reaction. They assume that every letter they receive counts for a larger percentage than the one person who sent it in - that for every person who will take the time to write a letter and send it in, there's 50 people who feel the same but won't make the effort. So we may look at a spammed poll of 3,000 people and maybe it gets dismissed because of the spammability or as being unimportant, or maybe they look at that and think that those people represent a larger part of the viewing audience. The Fetch poll may not have mattered because maybe they're being inundated with email, mail, tweets and posts that indicate people love Fetch and think those represent the larger audience versus the poll reaction. A vocal minority can make themselves appear larger than they are and fool the people in charge.

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