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Dec 14 2013, 11:27 AM
I don't mind that Abby is talking to EJ about Jack but wouldn't it be more appropriate to talk to Jennifer about him? :ermm: Then again, Jen's so busy still obsessing over Daniel that it wouldn't surprise me if she forgot Jack's existence.
Yeah. My thing is it would be fine to talk to EJ about him IF she would have talked to Jennifer or ANYONE about him when he actually died. Abby ignored all of that ( a couple scenes of lip service does not cut it) until JJ came back into town and then it was only 'revisiting it' to help JJ grieve. We never saw Abby grieve properly or Jen for that matter.

If that would have been done, then talk away to whomever you want, Abby. I'm all for keeping one of my favorite character's memory alive. So there's always going to be a part of this that rings hollow to me no matter who she talks with about Jack. It's the same for Jen. I'm completely jaded and biased over them because of how it was all handled.

I do think Abby should have daddy issues. Having her want to project those good qualities she knew her dad had onto EJ makes sense to me and having her get burned and having to realize EJ isn't a nice man also makes sense to me. I hope that's the route they go with this story.
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