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True,but not as much as Sami's character year after year and Sami's is in almost in every story,it is a overkill.
She's had way more time in the spotlight than most of the vets ever did, lol.
It's a business. The promo is there to promote the major story that week and draw in viewers. If the promo gets thousands of hits and the ratings stay consistent, then the TPTB will consider it effective. That is what drives what is on our screens. If showing a promo of a rotting banana pulled in viewers, Sony would show it every week. They could care less about variety or honoring the past or anything other than bringing in enough of the right viewers to command the advertising dollars to keep the show on the air. If the show could do that with a major s/l and non stop promos of (insert character or couple name here) they would do it.

Most of the promos this fall were about the lead up to the Bristen wedding then it switched to the Nick murder. The ratings have been consistent. How is that Sami overkill?
I completely disagree with most of what you said, since you're basically implying that if people watch the promo and also watch the show all week, then TPTB will know that you want more of what/who was in the promo. The problem with your argument is that if TPTB are featuring the same characters over & over in promos & the ratings are staying the same, then that means that either they're not drawing in new viewers, or they're drawing in the same number of new viewers as there are people no longer watching because they're bored/tired of the same storyline.

It would've made a lot more sense for TPTB to tease Hope's call from Bo. And I'm not saying this because I'm a Bope/Hope fan. I say this because there are still A LOT of Bope fans who want Peter to return and are hoping he will. A promo teasing what Bo will say to Hope (Will he be coming home for Christmas?) would draw in viewers who long to see Bo back on their screens. Promos don't need to always be about the A storyline. They can also be about major events happening in B storylines. I vaguely recall that we've had a similar "ugh, why is this story getting another promo when this pivotal thing happens in this other storyline" discussion a short while back.
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