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S loves EJ

Dec 11 2013, 11:44 AM
So she opens up and tells him the truth, but I bet he continues to keep what he knows from her? STUPID. I'm glad that Sami ONCE AGAIN is trusting Ej...she's such a fucking moron. When she finds out that he knew the entire truth all along and didn't tell, she's going to feel like such an imbecile. She deserves all the heartache she has coming her way.

We need to know what Jordan's mystery is and soon...it's becoming a joke

Let me guess? Jennifer finds out the truth.

Anne is quickly becoming annoying. I don't care how much she hates Jennifer, I don't need her childish shit any longer.

Maybe Theresa catches him with a drug dealer, sparking the beginning of their 'romance'...lol

It wouldnīt suprise me if EJ doesnīt tell Sami the truth, but we know from tweets and interviews than Ejami isnīt ending anytime soon, which means that Sami will forgive EJ. It would make most sense if she forgives him if he comes clean with her but if not it will be interesting to see how Ejami work through things. :wub:
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