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I think you are one of the bravest men I have ever known, and I am exquisitely proud of you.

Some spoilerish tweets from @SusenMc who had dinner with Chandler, Freddie and Casey last night.

@SusenMc: I will say that the last scenes CM taped with Ari, are not the last ones that will air.. the last scene we will see is with Freddie

@SusenMc: And CM said his first line on the show was "Hmmm?" and his last line he taped was "Hmmm?" #fullcircle So he thought that was cool
https://twitter.com/SusenMc/status/412271118444011521 (This one we already knew but in case someone didn't know.)

Someone asked if Freddie is leaving when his contract is up in 2015...

@SusenMc: .@niki1kendra He told CM that he wld probably extend a little to end at the same time as Guy. they wld both end August 2015 (Jan 2016 air).

@SusenMc: .@TSM9672 The fact that FS wants to extend his contract to end w/ Guy says a lot. But a lot is just respect for the couple to end together

Guy Wilson actually auditioned for Sonny! :o
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