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Dec 15 2013, 12:39 AM
Friday ("Theresa Asks JJ For a favor")
Theresa asks JJ for a favor regarding Daniel; Will suspects Sonny and Gabi are hiding something from him.

Here's some spoilers I'd like to read:

Marlena bonds with her children, grandchildren, and great-granddaughter on Christmas. As they dig into the food, they reminisce about their lives and relationships. Lots of laughter ensues.

Eric and Brady apologize to Marlena for keeping her at an emotional distance for playing the tape at the wedding, knowing that she wouldn't have done it if she knew who was on it. Instead, they give the main culprit - Victor - the cold shoulder. They also thank Marlena for having their best interests at heart, and quit trying to assign "bad" motives to her. They know she's a loving and devoted mother to them.

John reruns and makes it his mission to win Marlena back after some bone-headed and non-sensical decisions on his part regarding Kristen and Brady, that went against his character. The kids help him do this, and John and Marlena talk about what went down, the reasons behind it, and work towards forgiveness. John and Marlena vow to act more in character (Marlena would never be insecure about Kristen, because there was never anything to be insecure about....John would never treat Marlena badly or give Kristen the time of day.)

John and Marlena continue to be integrated into the canvas, with their family, becoming the Tom and Alice of the show, helping their kids through various issues and seen as the "wise elders".

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