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Dec 15 2013, 03:11 PM
Dec 15 2013, 01:55 PM
Days really needs to stop writing their 20 year olds out.
They really need to start writing their 20 year old AS 20 year olds and not over-grown 15 year olds. Compare Hope or Melissa or Jennifer at 20 (hell, Carrie or Sami for that matter) to this current crop of 20somethings. It's like a night & difference, imo.
Seriously. Maybe if they'd give them better material, some would want to stay. Several have left because they weren't doing anything.

Meanwhile, compare yesteryear's teens to today's thrityandfortysomethings, and they're basically the same. Then compare today's vets to yesteryears thirtsandfortysomethings, and again...basically the same. No one has aged behavior-wise on this show in at least a decade, probably two.
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