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Dec 15 2013, 05:23 PM
Dec 15 2013, 04:13 PM
Umm, has FS learned nothing from CM about announcing your plan to leave so far in advance? And to include GW in his answer? Not too smart. It's not as if he has a ton of screen time and lead storylines as it is...
But unlike Chandler, his reason for leaving might be because of lack of screen time and storylines. Maybe TPTB need to realize that Freddie has no reason to stay if all he is going to be doing is propping other people's storylines. Casey Moss already has more episodes in his first year than Freddie had in either of his first two years and if Jen Lilly had started a month earlier, she would too. They both have also pretty much lead their stories from the beginning. The difference between Chandler and Freddie is that Chandler has been front burner for the last two years yet recently it seems like he didn't give a damn anymore and it has been showing in his performances. Freddie, on the other hand, gives 150% even if he is only working behind the bar in the background but he is rarely given anything to do. The last two days proved that, without even saying a word, he can own the screen. If TIIC continue to waste his talents, I wouldn't blame him for leaving.
That's all well and good, but it doesn't change the possibility that his advance notice of his plan to not re-sign may lead to even less screen time or the possibility of absolutely not being given a lead storyline. He's shown his acting talent well before the last two episodes. So, it's not as if the TPTB are not aware of what he can/can't do. I felt in general he was at his best when he first came on the show. Additionally, I thought he did a good job when Will was shot, and yet, he wasn't utilized beyond that of a support character. Unfortunately, it could simply be a case of him not having what TPTB really want in a young lead actor. As you stated JL and CM were given lead material, as have BB, CB, and at one time KM... Maybe it's a case of him not resonating with the GA. Who knows...
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