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Spencer Hastings
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It's so strange that none of their younger actors are staying past their contracts. Their last teen scene has been depleted completely when Chandler and Camila leave. I'm not necessarily counting Freddie because Sonny was added on later.

I still think their first mistakes were getting rid of the Last Blast crew and writing the current 40 year olds like teenagers. There's no way that Sami's generation should be acting the way that they do. Deciding on a career path, trying to figure out who you want to be with, paternity switches, breaking up and making up....all of that uncertainty comes in your 20's and early 30's at the latest. Those storylines should be in the past for Sami, Brady, EJ, Nicole, etc. I can see why they're giving them those classic soap stories, but it would probably help if they had viable options in the 20-30 category.
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