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Spencer Hastings
Dec 15 2013, 06:01 PM
It's so strange that none of their younger actors are staying past their contracts. Their last teen scene has been depleted completely when Chandler and Camila leave. I'm not necessarily counting Freddie because Sonny was added on later.

I still think their first mistakes were getting rid of the Last Blast crew and writing the current 40 year olds like teenagers. There's no way that Sami's generation should be acting the way that they do. Deciding on a career path, trying to figure out who you want to be with, paternity switches, breaking up and making up....all of that uncertainty comes in your 20's and early 30's at the latest. Those storylines should be in the past for Sami, Brady, EJ, Nicole, etc. I can see why they're giving them those classic soap stories, but it would probably help if they had viable options in the 20-30 category.
I think that was one mistake, but the show also failed to develop the Last Blast Crew in meaningful ways. You mentioned "deciding on a career path" as something characters do, but the show never had the Last Blast Crew or Sami's generation really do that. What career aspirations they had seemed to quickly get abandoned (Chloe, Nicole) or they never went anywhere (Belle, Shawn Douglas). Instead, we now get characters like Carrie the lawyer and Austin the accountant completely out of the blue to serve a plot, even though neither really showed had any inclination toward either career. That pretty much left those characters devoid of plots derived from their careers and contributes to the sense that Salem has no connection to the real world where people actually have to make a living and don't conduct business meetings at the Brady Pub or in the middle of the Horton Town Square.

I also think the show failed in planning for the future by failing to give the major characters in the 80s more kids so you would have enough younger characters to fill the next generation, plus not finding ways to bring back the kids that were out there. With Kayla and Kim leaving Salem, the Bradys were left only with Bope's one child in the early 2000s, since Roman's and Marlena's kids had already been SORAS-ed. Between the very-popular Mike, Melissa, and Jennifer, we only got Jeremy and Abby. (They also screwed up Scotty by SORASing him too soon.) So that meant adding kids after the fact (Chelsea, Nathan) or having miracle babies who could be SORASed (JJ, with Ciara and Joey Johnson possibly to follow). And I still don't comprehend the long delay in bringing in the Donovan kids. Andrew was tailor-made to be in a storyline with Victor and Philip -- even without Shane or Kim around, Victor could have seen Andrew as the "what might have been" alternative to Philip who kept disappointing Victor (not to mention that Victor might have seen it has some measure of revenge to influence Andrew over the objections of his parents).

I'm not saying that every couple should have just pumped out kids, but some more thought should have gone into planning the next generation. Even some mentions on occasion about off-screen characters could have built the future cast. For instance, why couldn't Jack and Jennifer have had more kids during their time out of Salem? Or Kim with Phillip Collier? Scotty Banning and Faith? Frankie and Eve? Having Caroline, Maggie, Alice, or Julie over the years mention a new grandchild on occasion would have opened the door to a future cast-member and not annoyed us with some previously unmentioned insta-relative like Nathan.
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