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People seems to think Wyatt have great love for Hope, read between the lines Wyatt and Quinn didn't have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out. It is all about Power, money and take over. Ride is back so we know Quinn may get to sleep wit Eric but she want be taking any part of the company. Quinn and Wyatt talked about how poor they were last year. If they have a company why are they using Forrester 's offices to do their so call businesses. I don't believe anything about these two. Just think about the mother and son who (True story)who murdered a woman in New York stole her money and home on 68th street, but were found out by someone who informed Police. Till this date this woman money has never been found, they also hilled a man in Calif. they were arrested I believe they both got life in jail. Mother and son were are in a sexual relationship.
They is something really wrong with both of them. Quinn going out of her way to break up Liam and Hope.
Wyatt telling Liam he would stop coming on to Hope. Why is Hope so important to them, that they both will lied, pretend to steal, go into Liam Personal computer, sneak around Eric's house and break his picture of him and Donna.
I said from Day one Quinn is a dangerous woman. I believe she would kill to get what she wants.
How does this Con Artist know so much about the family, because she has research them. She hated Hope when she first met her until she and ugly son became part of the company.
If Wyatt really loved Hope he would have approached her differently , not rush her or try to keep making her look bad because of how she feels about Liam. That the same thing Steffy used to do with Liam about Hope.
I saw a spoiler that Pam will find out a secret about them but is afraid to tell.
Ii is hard to believe that Pam is afraid to tell something it must really dangerous , maybe something that will get her killed or Eric. If I was writing this story I would plot it for Quinn to marry Eric and have him killed after he leave me the company and money. But the company has share holders and Bill and Steffy have the most shares.

Let Hope that Wyatt doesn't rape Hope, Ridge raped Brooke. Wyatt has been doing his best to get in Hope pants.
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