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I unthinkingly used a non-US term. Chavy doesn't mean ritzy. Chavy means wannabe, like living in a trailer (not that there's anything wrong in that) and buying a genuine Louis Vuitton wallet but having no cash to put in it.

The Hope I've loved since the day KA took over the role wouldn't flaunt a logo. I imagined her as a Furla or a Hobo gal, or maybe a non-logo LV gal.
I didn't misunderstand you at all. Hope doesn't need to be a rich girl wannabe because she is a rich girl. But Bo & Hope have never relied on Hope's inheritance to sustain them though life. Since Alice's passing, it would make sense that she would have come into at least some portion of Alice's monetary holdings.
80s Hope LOVED to show people she had money - from the expensive housecoat she bought Doug after his heart attack to the fur coat on the first day of the police academy.
Tory Burch isn't the most recognized brand, IMO. And to those that aren't familiar with it, the logo looks like it's simply a fancy designed metal accent.
I know Hope's history and I know that between the Horton funds, what Addie inherited from her first husband, and what Doug lavishes on his only child, Hope wants for nothing.But I contend that a WASP/C princess like Hope knows the difference between Tori Burch, Furla and Ferragamo just like she knows the difference between Yurman, Tiffany and Cartier. The show dressers should know that, too. Unless it is a product placement which would be typical. Tori Burch is the favorite brand of "$30k/yr millionaires" here in NYC. Hope would know that.
While true, she's a rich girl from the Midwest, not a rich city girl. I wouldn't expect her to care about what's hot with who. She's rich and likes what she likes. Because Hope Williams Brady rolls like that.
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