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S loves EJ

Dec 16 2013, 01:03 PM
S loves EJ
Dec 16 2013, 12:35 PM
Dec 16 2013, 12:18 PM
S loves EJ
Dec 16 2013, 12:13 PM

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but they are still writing her the same way....she's still a heroine, a damsel in distress, who needs to be taken care of or saved by her man...the difference is her man is not Rafe it's Ej...I use to love it when Sami use to take care of her own messes....the times have certainly changed....

You see before she use to target people that were in the right.....this time she targets the Bernardi's and Nick Fallon's of the world...not exactly examples of truth of righteousness themselves. They have been portrayed as the villains or bad guys vs Sami the one that does bad things for good reasons....

Iīm not sure if Sami can go back targeting good characters when she now has 4 kids so she canīt be to bad. Iīm not sure though part of me feels she should be more bad in order to fit with EJ. Still I think Sami has felt more bad with EJ than Rafe she seems to acknowledge that she has a bad side. Talking about killing Nick and lying is what she and EJ does. Plus I think Ejami has a lot more chemistry than Safe so they are a more enjoyable either way where as Safe was boring. Plus maybe EJ can be bad enough for both of them at least she is with a guy thatīs fits her character.
Sami has never been a person to embrace her dark side and she seems to be wanting to go there but never does.....that appears to be the only thing that she still has intact from her yesteryear days.....since everything else has been stripped away from her she might as well just roll over and not care about that either....that is why I'm not sure I can ever go back to loving Sami again unless some outlandish 'doppelganger/brain chip' type plot is written in the future to salvage her in my eyes and make her the character I loved so much again....
I donīt see Sami going to the dark side in a way that she would start killing people. I know someone said before that they imagine Sami being like Kate when she got older but I donīt see her baking poisened muffins. Sami could however become more bad than she is now by doing bad things thatīs not for a good cause like helping will. She could do some bad things within the business or blackmailing someone,but Iīm not sure what reason she would have to be bad to people that are in the right, before she did it to get a man and I think most villain are usually single. Itīs hard to combine villain and having a loveinterest. Itīs the problem the writers have with EJ in order for him to be in a relationship they canīt write him as bad as 2007 he canīt be a complete bastard, and I like thatīs he is sweet and romantic with the woman he is with or else I would not feel that he is inlove with her, but he should still be bad towards others and not turn into Everett.

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