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Dec 17 2013, 03:11 PM
Me likey nu-Ridge now there are two men on the show I like, Wyatt & Ridge. Why do I get the feeling that Hope doesn’t believe a word she is saying! I love these mother/daughter talks, two witches that will do and say anything to get and keep a man. Quinn she is doing nothing but cause problems for Wyatt and Wyatt will get blamed for it, I say bring Steffy back and hook Wyatt up with her that would do a number on Liam/Hope! Its amazing Ridge is back in town and who does Brooke think about? You got it and shows up at the fountain….better look out Billy-boy!
I like nu Ridge too and loved the ending scene today of Ridge and Brooke by the fountain :D i know the happiness isn't going to last when he finds out about Bill but I'll enjoy this version of Bridge til it crashes.
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