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Dec 17 2013, 09:33 AM
Dec 17 2013, 08:56 AM
Outside of finding this episode pretty meh, my takeaways are the following: 1) the writers have dumbed down Will so much that he's now running neck and neck with Brady in the obtuse to the point of stupid department, and 2) when all is said and done, I seriously need Sonny to mea culpa and apologize to Adrianne just as she's doing to him. I hated having to listen to her telling him of her apology to Sami, and how she now know she was wrong [about Sami and the inherent problems that comes along with her]. Ugh!
I don't understand how Will is dumb. Why would he assume his former girlfriend killed his cousin? He noticed that his mom, Kate and Gabi were up to something since those three hanging out is not normal. I know this is Salem and it should be expected that one of its prominent citizens is expected to commit some sort of a crime any day but why would be expect something horrible is happening. He figured out the thing with Gabi and Nick (at least partially) from his conversation with Hope and he discussed it with Gabi. And for him, the case is closed since he discussed with her the secret that was bothering Gabi. It's been only an overnight so he hasn't seen her yet, except for a minute as he said, so he doesn't know she's still acting scared. He also figured out something spooked Sonny. So, no, he's not Brady level dumb.

I agree with you about your Adrienne point though. I think Adrienne was extremely unfair to Will and cruel, specially harassing him at the hospital. So, she should have cleared the air but Sonny was harsh on his mom and thus owes her a big apology.
Great post. I don't necessarily believe Adrienne needs to apologize to Sami, but she does not need to blame Will for what his mother does.
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