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* EJ gives Sami a strict ultimatum about their future together

* JJ concocts a scheme to foil Jenniferís upcoming date with Liam

*Nicole and Eric are severely shocked by Danielís wild accusation against Brady

* Will runs into someone unexpected at the river.

* Eric struggles with his feelings for Nicole.



Eric and Nicole are shocked when Daniel accuses Brady of using drugs; JJ plots to ruin Jennifer's date with Liam.

Sami and EJ try to help Sonny on New Year's Eve; Nicole tries to ignore her attraction to Eric.

No show

EJ offers Sami an ultimatum for their future; Will is shaken when he goes to the river and encounters someone unexpected.

Eric struggles with his growing feelings for Nicole; Gabi asks for EJ's help.

*UPDATE 12.23*

Gabi, Kate, Sami, EJ and Sonny panic when it appears Will wonít keep their secret about Nick.

After a physical altercation with Daniel, Brady agrees to get help.

Jennifer catches on to JJís manipulation and calls him out on it.

Gabi freaks out when Abigail gets a message from beyond the grave.

Sami demands that EJ finally come clean about Kristen.

Gabi seeks EJís help when it appears Abigail will uncover the truth.
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