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Julie wondered if Larry was responsible for Doug's liquor license finally coming through. Trish wrote David she left Timmy with someone who could take better care of him. Laura admitted she still loves Bill but can't take him back so easily. Chris was uncertain whether he received a promotion through Mary's pull. Maggie had an engagement party for Don and Marlena. Jeri wanted out of her contract with Larry and acquired sleeping pills. Julie used a letter opener to fight off another of Larry's seduction attempts.
WEEK OF MARCH 6 - MARCH 10, 1978
Lorraine Temple, a down-and-out woman from Don's past, arrived in town. Doug returned but Julie hesitated to tell him about Larry. Jeri accidentally learned about Larry and Julie and wrote Doug an anonymous letter about the affair. Laura inched back into Bill's life. Bob and Linda announced their engagement. Chris hired Margo as his secretary, but Linda gave her a hard time. Margo admitted she loved Michael, who said he considers her a swell friend. The baby sitter informed Doug that Julie had returned home one night with a torn dress.
WEEK OF MARCH 13 - MARCH 17, 1978
WEEK OF MARCH 20 - MARCH 24, 1978
Julie was arrested and charged with murder after police found the gun with her fingerprints, an address book with blood stains matching Larry's blood type, and Amanda's reluctant confession that Julie was at the scene of the murder. Dominic blackmailed Neil about Neil's gambling debt to Larry. Jeri was stopped at the airport by police and questioned about Larry's affair with Julie. Chris and Mary argued over each one's interest in Neil and Margo. Don told Marlena that Lorraine's paternity story is false. Margo, who has been feeling ill, consulted Tom.
WEEK OF MARCH 27 - MARCH 31, 1978
Linda put Mary on the spot by asking her to be maid of honor at Linda's late April wedding to Bob. Tom and Mike feared Margo may have the same type of leukemia that Addie had. Don ordered Marlena to ignore Lorraine, who arranged for Donna, Don's purported child, to come to Salem. Mickey bailed out Julie, who finally admitted she had been raped by Larry, but insisted Mickey not tell anyone. Jeri admitted to Don she hated the idea of Larry and Julie's affair. Hope was in a tizzy about Julie's predicament and Doug planned to send her to boarding school during the trial. Chris felt uncomfortable in his ivory tower executive position.


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