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Dec 18 2013, 12:32 PM
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Dec 18 2013, 10:50 AM
Days really should consider creating another black character, or writing Abe and Theo more prominently - preferably the latter.
They should do both, imo. I'd like to see them bring a woman in. Epiphany is barely on and as much as I like her, she can be kind of a caricature at times.
You mean Maxine? Who is basically GH's Epiphany? LOL! :lol:
:$ LOL, that goes to show how much of a caricature they actually are. They and the nurse on Scrubs who was played by the woman who plays Maxine are largely the same person.
Laverne on Scrubs had a lot more dimension than either Maxine or Ephiphany. I cried in the episode where she died (and epic fail that they brought her back as Shirley, LOL, which worked as well as Vinnie the dog did on Family Guy). Laverne had values, was a very good friend, deeply religious, I think Maxine and Epiphany are cartoons.
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