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Dec 18 2013, 07:31 PM
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Dec 18 2013, 12:30 PM
All I see happening with EJ and Abby is Days' version of Fatal Attraction.
If abby boils EJ's "bunny" I will love her forever and forgive her for any and all Daniel propping she feels necessary.

* and in case that was too subtle by bunny i mean that thing he keeps that breeds a lot.
Oh, but without that bunny we wouldn't have Johnny. And think of all the drama down the road when Ali & Johnny finally figure out that twins don't usually have two different fathers. And the questions that will need to be answered.

Throw Ciara & Theo into the mix and the teen set will get plenty ugly. Ciara will be leading the charge with some really nasty comments about Johnny's dad; Ali will get into a great cat fight with Ciara defending her brother; Theo won't believe that Ciara could be that mean & comfort Ali; Ciara will sink her claws into Johnny to get back at Ali for stealing Theo. It practically writes itself and is all thanks to that bunny!
You don't mean Ciara will sink her claws into Johnny as in a romantic thing, right?
I hope not. They're blood related!
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