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Aug 31 2013, 09:47 PM
Aug 31 2013, 09:14 PM
Aug 31 2013, 09:08 PM
Now, you really are teasing!!!
Hmmm....I see you have Galen as your photo. Hopefully you'll be pleased with his scenes. I'm guessing one in particular you will like.
That sounds like something I can look forward to! Any scenes with Galen is worth watching!
I Agree about Galen, and I would not even mind is the woman is Jordan ...IF... They ReCast the Role with a More Dynamic actress with Layers. One who is Sarcastic and Spunky, with fire, and a touch of humor. But when she is truly in love will cross any line needed to keep it safe and whole.. In other words someone like how HOPE and even Jennifer used to be. The current Jordan While a very Lovely woman leaves me COLD and BORED. and I see NO Chemistry with her and Galen ~~I Want Rafe to be with an exciting, Challenging woman Someone Like Sami with him in the early days, But she does not have to BE Sami. While I was a Safe fan, I can let that go.. As long as Rafe is put with the RIGHT woman. When they pair him with a Boring Actress or Character, Just as they did with Carrie.. It brings him way down, and Robs him of any chance to be the Hero Type He is meant to be, with Attitude, and Humor.
I MISS Agent Arrogant.. And I want him Back. And with a Woman who Challenges him, and does not make things too easy. Not because SHE is deceptive, but because He SHOULD fight for his Ladies Love . No great Love comes easy. At least not the kind that last, Or keep us viewers excited to tune in. Most great Loves took time and challenges to build.
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