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Dec 19 2013, 02:08 AM
Dec 18 2013, 11:59 PM
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Dec 17 2013, 09:29 PM
Bo and Hope thought Chelsea was hell. I predict that Ciara will top that and I , for one, can't wait!!
I can't wait either! :rockon:

I HATED Chelbitch. I didn't love to hate her, I just plain hated her. So glad she's gone.

Ciara will make her (and Sami's) antics look like daycare. :cheer: :cheer:
I want Ciara to top Sami and Chelsea and by the looks of it, she will .

Chelsea was and still is one of my faves. I'd love her to come back and have scenes with Ciara. I'd love for Ciara to make Chelsea be the Carrie to her Sami.
Ooohhh! Ciara making Chelbitch's life a living hell? With a capitol H? YES!! That'll be the only good reason to welcome "Georgia" back to Salem! :D Add in a resurrected SORASed and very bitter Zack Brady and I would be in heaven!! :cloud9: :cloud9:

I cannot think of more delicious payback than Ciara and Zack teaming up and making Chelbitch so miserable, she'll wish she had croaked at birth in the bayou swamps. I LIKE THAT! I LIKE IT A LOT!! :yahoo:
Zack will NEVER be resurrected. Kristian will sooner leave the show than see that happen.

Also, why would Ciara be a bitch towards Chelsea? Chelsea & Ciara have had nothing but positive relations. Chelsea is also 15 years older than Ciara. I'd personally love to see Chelsea return to the show to be a support for Hope & maybe smack some sense into Abby & make her less of a stuck-up.

As for your previous post, I don't want Ciara SORASed at all! Lauren Boles is way too perfect right now! The way she plays Ciara is the one thing that unites us all on this board.
A paternity re-reversal won't happen. Ciara became Bo's because the fans were outraged & TPTB caved & gave the fans what they wanted. It's also why Zack magically became Bo's.
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