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Viewing Single Post From: Jason47's Christmas & New Year's Eve Sneak Peeks; The Final Update!

Gee, I wonder if Dan & Jen will be on or off. No wait...I don't care.

Uggghhhh I Really hope Not, I just cant help but despise these two characters together, I prefer him with Nicole, or Chloe.. Or somebody new.. But NOT Jennifer

I wonder if EJ & Sami will be stabbing each other in the back or fucking like rabid bunnies. No wait...I don't care (I like them better when they're fighting, but that's just me).

If they must stay a couple, Id prefer they stab each other to death, and lets all be done with them .. But thats me
I wonder if Brady will still be a clueless moron & mourning Kristen. No wait...still don't care.

I hope John slaps some sense into him, so He finally grows up and becomes the man, and finds his potential.. He is friggen John Blacks Son and he should start acting like it

I'd rather see Hope in some painfully gut-wrenching scenes mourning Bo's loss and wondering why they couldn't find the body...

I really hope this isnt the case, I dont want Bo dead.. But if he must die I dont want it during the Holidays, Id prefer she get a wonderful letter from him.. Even if Later she finds out its his last. Or I hope he is captured by Terrorists and nobody knows if he is even alive.. knowing this after a while she can find someone wonderful to lean on, and maybe down the road fall in love with .. But slowly, very slowly

I'd rather see John back in Salem and he & Marlena arguing and fighting with each other as well as themselves in an effort to repair their relationship.

Im Ok with this as long as it leads to some really Romantic flashbacks, and then some Romantic encounters. The Writers are insane that they NEVER put the most beautifully romantic couple together before.. They are not too old to Gaze at each-other, Kiss, have romance by Candlelight, Dances, some playfulness and fall back in love.. Thats what I WANT
I'd rather see Kayla on the phone with Steve, sharing memories and a smile, and perhaps off-screen kindling their relationship

I would Love that as well.. Id like to think there is a chance for him to return. The writers need to buy a clue from GH and notice how many older Vets are on Canvas, and for the most part carrying the show. Fans LOVE the History, The Chemistry that has been nurtured.. We also enjoy the younger Talent But they are less valuable without the Vets to build around.. So I hope DOOL learns from them and starts writing for, and treating the Older Vet's with hard earned and deserved respect.
I'd rather see ... anything that gives me hope that Days is going to be around for their fiftieth & anything that will give me a reason to want to watch every day instead of just keeping up with it and hoping for something that seems to be slipping away...

Agreed,, I think they can do this with better storytelling. And using the REAL Experienced Talent they have access to. And work in the younger, Newer Talent and build them up with a strong foundation by working with Vet's. Its a HUGE Mistake to keep bringing on new faces we dont know or care about, and then give them little back story or History.. And Shoving unpopular stories and couples down our throats no matter how much we protest.. Listen to the viewers.. Sometimes just because 2 actors look good on paper and theory.. does not mean it will work or be excepted.. So when it ISN'T .. Dont be so reluctant to change it and try to FORCE it on us.. The harder they try to do this, the more WE resent and resist and HATE IT... and Never.. EVER again try to mess with established History, or Beloved Character personalities.
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