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Dec 19 2013, 03:38 AM
Dec 19 2013, 02:02 AM
Dec 19 2013, 01:37 AM
I've never been a fan of Sonny. He's always seemed holier than though. But he's really getting on my nerves with this storyline. He wasn't there, he didn't see what happened. Nor does he even like Nick. I need for someone to knock him off his high horse.
Really, because I think he's been one of the best parts of this storyline (I know I'm biased). From the text messaging in the closet to dealing with Will and Adrienne after finding out the truth about Nick and finally being surrounded by the Unholy Trinity at the club, his reactions have been priceless. And when it came to confronting the women at the apt, he was in no way holier than though. Everything he said was the truth and it wasn't anything the others hadn't said to each other already. He agreed that Gabi had every right to defend herself but, once they realized Nick was alive, pushing him back in the water and letting him drown was murder. He wasn't on his high horse, he was just stating the facts. Also, just because he didn't like Nick doesn't mean he wanted him dead.
Yes, they put NIck in the water, but when he came through he started pulling Sami in the water with him and I may be wrong, but I don't remember them trying to push him back into the water. To me it looked like they were just trying to pull Sami away from him and the current swepted him away. I do remember Kate saying if they tried to save him they be killed too because the current was so strong.
I went back and looked and it was sort of half and half. They did try to pull Sami away from him and part of that was pushing off his hands but, as soon as he hit the water, he turned, grabbed Sami, and yelled for them to help. He asked for help a couple of times so it seemed that, instead of trying to pull Sami in, he was trying to get them to pull him out. Whether they could have or not, nobody will ever know but they sure didn't try. The whole thing was ridiculous in the first place. The reason Sami and Kate gave Sonny today for not initially going to the police was bullshit. Just because Gabi and Nick had a fight in public did not people were going to believe that Gabi murdered him just a few minutes later and that it was premeditated. Nick had a history of stalking and murder. Gabi is believed to be a sweet, innocent girl. It wouldn't take much of an investigation to find evidence of Nick's obsession with Gabi and all of his machinations to get her to NY. Oh, who am I kidding, this is the Salem PD we're talking about. Yeah, they had no choice.
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