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Some gals have all the luck!

Dec 18 2013, 09:26 PM
Dec 18 2013, 07:03 PM
I don't understand why Victor and Daniel have an ornament? Maggie is only a Horton by marriage and Daniel wasn't raised by Mickey or had any history with the Hortons until recently, so, why does he get an ornament? I hope Parker is not getting one along with Arianna Grace.
Technically, Chelsea isn't a Horton but has an ornament. & She is technically as related to the Hortons as Daniel is. With the minor exception of the fact that Hope knows Chelsea, but I don't think Mickey knew Daniel (even though their paths could've potentially crossed at some point between 2008 & January 2010).
I'm not saying that Dan, Mel, & Victor should have ornaments. I don't recall Billie ever getting one when she was married to Bo (though I did hear that Carly almost got one).
I do think that Chelsea getting an ornament had more to do with Alice wanting Chelsea to feel welcome in, and a part of, her new extended family than giving her one simply because she was Bo's kid & therefore needed to have an ornament.
Chelbitch having a Horton ornament is such a slap in the face to Zack's memory. She took pleasure in tormenting Hope and gloated about it every chance she had. She never did a damn thing to earn having one.

I would love for Ciara to shatter it to smithereens out of spite and it never gets replaced. LOL
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