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I agree. I'm definitely enjoying Sonny in this storyline (mainly because Freddie is knocking it out of the park with Sonny's reactions) but I agree with him as well as Kami + Gabi. Assuming that Nick really is dead (which I do not believe he is) then I don't believe that he was actually murdered. It was a huge unfortunate incident that led to his drowning. Should they have called the police and dealt with it in that fashion? Of course...but that wouldn't have made it very soapy. Sonny is just a moral guy and, especially with a lawyer for a father, he wants to get any info he can on the potential legal ramifications so he can protect himself as well as Will.

It doesn't really matter anyway since I'm sure Sonny won't be spilling the big secret to Justin let alone Will anytime soon. This will continue to endear him to his future in-laws and sooner or later he'll be included in the joint heart-attack when Nick comes back from the dead and makes a grand entrance.
I've been enjoying Sonny in this storyline, and I really like the fact that Justin brought up the fact that what Sonny heard was heresay. It was a conversation about how Gabi perceives what they did and how Kate and Sami perceive what happened. Gabi called it murder. Given that, Sonny acting a lot more calm and collected that I would have, especially when he agree to talk to the three witches alone.

Also, with Sami's track record and the number of bodies around her, she would probably be in the most legal trouble - followed by Kate and then Gabi, who was in her own right a victim and acting out of panic and fear. Sonny loves Will and knows that Will has put up with a lot from his mother his whole life but still loves her.

Sonny, who does always try and do the right if not strictly legal thing, is the perfect character to have overheard this. He's torn between a number of loyalties and it makes for good drama.
Agreed. Sonny really has a very tough choice to make. Gabi was right when she made mention that Sonny continues to keep a secret from Will so adding another one to the list shouldn't be that difficult, but Sonny's struggle is very evident. Being such a moral character on a soap obviously can come across as "boring" or "egotistical" or such, especially when Sonny himself comes from a family, not including Justin and Adrienne, who are not seen as being trustworthy. While both are moral characters, Sonny isn't his mother, who would have been down at the Salem PD asap after hearing the secret, he does his best to get all the facts before reacting. Before the Salem 3 descended on their table at the Club, Sonny wasn't even willing to tell Justin the details of the secret, which shows, IMO, that Sonny had every intention to protect the women as well. Assuming that Nick really is dead at this point, the result of his death will have a great deal of an effect on Sonny's life so I'm glad that he has been the next one to learn the secret. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.
Good points about the Kiriakis family and the characters of Sonny and Adrienne. Still, I'm not that sure that "Sonny had every intention to protect the women as well." I think when Sonny spoke to Justin that he was just trying to figure out hypothetically whether his own knowledge now made him criminally liable as an accessory after the fact and whether he would extend any such criminal liability to Will if he shared in the secret. If not, then I think Sonny's sole intention at that point would be to tell Will and decide together with him what to do. If yes, then I think Sonny would consult his father as his own lawyer to try to do the best legally for all concerned, starting with Gabi. Interesting situation, as you said, with Sonny as the perfect character in the closet.
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